can i interest you in some mist? it's homemade
little update in the past week:

// suddenly having this urge to learn spanish
// currently having some arrow rerun! (should i start the flash or not?)
// contemplating about the next red lipstick. bourjois personne ne rouge or mac russian red? or the classic ruby woo? thoughts?
// finally put on some header. kinda tacky looking. i think i'm going to move it to the sidebar but idk.
// spent weekend at home because bro fell sick. damn you, change of weather.

hope you'll have a great weekend! x


Life Lately

life lately. in few words.
// lately i've been so fed up with social interaction. it's been too overwhelming to have conversation with people so i took a break from quite a number of social platforms and it eased me up a bit. still trying to figure out what is actually going on in my head.

// found an interesting note from a friend which translates "woman on PMS, if she run through a wall, it's the wall that apologizes." while it's hilarious, i can't help but totally feel connected in spiritual way. sometimes i couldn't help but feel like all those mood swings during PMS are ridiculous *cue facepalm*, but then it's the spur-of-the-moment's-moment which made it so adrenaline-y? (is that makes sense?) i'm trying to tame the beast. it caused many hassles lately fml

// movies i managed to watch lately: whiplash (too awesome for words. i was shaking after i watched it!), theory of everything (i found eddie redmayne's performance is moving and splendid), metallica through the never (dane dehaan tho), fury, penguins of madagascar, big hero 6, red riding hood, the raid, the raid 2, source code (it's a forever fave).

// excited for cinderella! my friend made a pretty cruel joke "can we imagine watching cinderella in 2015 and they show the wedding of ella and the price and it turns into the red wedding // the evil stepsister will stab the prince and be like yo the lannisters send their regards. bye." why, bruh. why.

other things:
go support onehundredandforty because they're all sorts of awesome!
that young and freelance life (still trying to step up my game)
of all runway to crash, zoolander 2 hits valentino. hard.
behold, my all time favorite flickr account.
corina nika's photos of the sea is always on point. (it's my current phone wallpaper at the moment!)
joining the bandwagon of promoting cat island. would you live there?

hope you'll have a great week!


Ode to My Father

title: ode to my father
country: korea
director: youn jk
release date: december 17th, 2014 (imdb link)
been so ecstatic about this movie eversince i saw its trailer in imdb. not only it features the cameo of one of my fave singer in korea, it's also a movie about father, in which i'm such a sucker of (taken, hello). so when the news came about its arrival in blitz indonesia, moreover it premieres on my birthday, i immediately set date to watch. but then i fell sick and due to circumstances i couldn't go to watch until the very end of february.

warning, review may contain spoiler.

the movie; it was so so good. damn. i haven't watch such beautiful and humble movie for so long. basically the story is about a boy which made a promise to his father to be a good head of the family in which he almost sacrifices everything and putting his family first. the whole movie has an interesting back and forth, future-past pace. so much lessons about life can be found here. i cried once or twice, i guess. but the movie also has so many happy and laugh-until-your-tummy-hurt moments. very interesting balance between the two.

the casts; i have seen some familiar faces among the casts and all i know they are great actors from south korea, so i have no doubt that this would be a great movie. and damn they pulled my heartstrings each time. i can relate in a weird way but i can also learn so much from them. also, all the kids' casts are cute cute cute!

the story; a humble, family story can easily be found in so many movies. also the hardships of a family member is such a common theme. but what made me think that the movie is special is how the male lead carry his character throughout the movie with all his determination and innocence. laso interesting to see how the characters around him shaped his life and making impact on his decisions, which later make impact on their life. it's amazing how he could achieve so much for his family but also never neglect his life despite the sacrifices he made. also the story is something that could related greatly by the korean people which have suffered so many loss and tried to re-build their life since war. it's an interesting insight to see their struggles, their take on life, the stark contrast on the younger vs older generation. i think the movie is great to take as a small window to the ordinary life of south korean people.

the fashion + setting; i think their consistencies to try to stay true to the era was worth of two thumbs up. the fashion is also humble, nothing too extravagant, but also deeply corelated to the era in which taken place on. also the hair and make up. i like that they can manage to look so natural including in weight loss part. woah.

overall; i deeply recommend this movie for those of you who wanted some simple and humble movie about life but also not too serious about it. it's a light, happy movie but also could make you go teary-eyed during watching.

rating; 7.8 out of 10

*maybe some of you noticed that i haven't review any western movies. oops. i'm working on it.