February 2, 2016

Jogjakarta Bound

"confined by bonds; tied" definitely
the first time i went to jogjakarta (shortened to jogja) was on 2003 on junior high school farewell trip. all i remember was it was so vast and humble. not much of tall buildings. the most memorable one was riding horse carriage from alun-alun all the way to malioboro for shopping with friends. we also went to prambanan but overall everything is such a distant memory now.

fast forward to 2015. a coworker-slash-good friend of mine said she's going to hold a wedding after christmas in magelang (located at north of jogjakarta, where borobudur temple at). in a heartbeat i said i'm going to attend and asked for her help regarding my first trip out of town. few weeks later, i'm all set.

(p.s. imagine the length i'd go for a dear friend. good attitude can bring you places and opportunities, people. choose your dearest ones carefully.)

January 21, 2016


borobudur. revisited
i figured posting about borobudur first would make me feel less guilty about the delayed backpacking post. seriously, where the hell i've been? january passed almost too quickly.

about borobudur, i remember myself staring at the greenery from the very top of the temple, thinking, maybe the elders built borobudur for a place to gather together while looking and surrounded by everything beautiful. i wonder if the workers once stopped to soak in such overwhelmingly lovely scenery.

i'm kind of jealous now haha

we went there on sunday and it's as if tourists decided to flood this place. ugh, so much for long holidays. but most of them are okay. the queue is better now that everything is more technologically-operated. the surroundings are more preserved than when i went there on the '90s. also it's nice to see some boyscouts and girlscouts helping the tourists. all in all, it was really nice. except the super long long way to the exit. it was more tiring than the climb to the top.

January 12, 2016

Check This Out: Pawon Cokelat

home. far away from home
i found this lovely guesthouse from airbnb while searching for a place to stay while in jogjakarta. rates have hiked up and everything was fully booked. but there're slot for the dates i want in this place, so i asked through whatsapp. after negotiating for a while, my book was placed.

(tip for locals, ask through whatsapp/call to get cheaper rates!)

the place is what homey all about. although it lies just five minutes from the bustling tourist spot malioboro, the place was quiet, homey, and clean. the alley where it's located might look shady, but once you reached the place, it was an absolute getaway. the room was small but managed to fit for 3 people with extra bed. they also provide free breakfast with limited selection of indonesian and western cuisine. they were excellent. i also sleep peacefully every night. also the design, the design!! everything is top notch in its simplicity. jogjakarta's own modesty.

i don't take many photos because we're practically going places on 2,5 days of our stay in jogjakarta. but the photos in airbnb and instagram can give you glimpse about the place.

funny story. when i checked-in on path app, a friend commented that this place was her aunt's and her cousin was the architect. funny how coincidences met.

more of jogjakarta and trip to borobudur on next installments of how i popped my backpacker cherry!

Pawon Cokelat
Sosrowijayan Wetan
Gg. 01 No.102
Malioboro – Yogyakarta

info@pawoncokelat.com // pawoncokelat.com // airbnb