New Hope

Few snaps from quick getaway at the island last weekend. Office outbond. In which I am convinced that I truly am an ocean soul that trapped in forest of concretes (and routinity). Three mere hours from Jakarta and I feel free (no, I'm not swirling and tumbling, I swear). Breeze of fresh air, deep blue ocean, white sand, no reception (istg I am so happy because it's truly a sign to enjoy my escapade to the fullest), and good food. Can't ask for anything anymore.

Well, maybe I want a comic book. Or two.

I miss it already.


not spring, love, or cherry blossoms

instagram: @tannyaaditya

just some collection of pictures i've been snapping over the past week. slowly progressing with my photography, i guess? what do you think?

i think the way i took pictures are very much different now. i was that one person who's always candid. never give a damn about setting, lighting, and whatsoever. one moment equals one snap. if i got lucky, i'd have some nice, decent pics to post (please take note that my definition of decent back then actually means that the photos quite clear enough to be shared on the social media). but now, i took time to adjust my settings, find the perfect-decent lighting, thinking on which camera app i should use (silly, i know), snapping from different angles multiple times, keeping my hands steady, and wait for the focus to set. reaching that zen.

i might tend to go overboard with those descriptions but yeah. hahah.

but now i can see the difference. looking at my instagram posts and collection of pictures in my laptop, i feel like i'm such a different person now. not that one firey girl with all those speed and spontanity. but more of a girl who's willing to take a pause and absorb things for the better outcome.

am i?

side notes:
// rurouni kenshin: tokyo inferno is glorious, man. can't wait for the legend ends!
// i found myself craving for everything bento. completely normal (at least to me)
// this is why ben affleck is my bae.
// contemplating new hair color because taeyeon.
// still in the run for vacation (it's almost feel like a deadline. whoops it's a bad sign)
// and as always, looking for a new job.
// not spring, love, or cherry blossoms.

have a great october, everyone!



Lotte Shopping Avenue. August 30th, 2014. Photos taken with Samsung Galaxy Grand 2. Edited with Vscocam.