Spaces I Love 02

the long radio silence this time sponsored by the broken laptop and the broken work pc. i already have two posts in the draft but because i couldn't edit my photos, i couldn't post them. bad news aside, i'm back with new post for spaces i love! been on the low radar lately but i've pinned some beautiful spaces in my pinterest for future posts. can't wait to share them with you!

i'm a sucker for studio type. i see a room without partitions as comforting and open (there's this theory of blood type o people as the one with many locks on the door yet open to one huge room without any partition. well, i kinda can relate). i always dream to have one studio for me to work in, a huge open space with little nook on the side by the window to rest for a while, and big long table to lay things out and do all the DIY's on. this studio of a pair and a spare has everything i want and need! i like how geneva also showcase her DIY and put it to use. and bits of green in concrete jungle added nice refreshing touch.

things i love:
// the whole DIY spirit that literally build this space. from the hanging rope shelves to sturdy table with concrete block as legs. everything seems so buildable and i think, you can make your own version of this studio at home!
// the black and white rug. i covet!
// the bare ceiling gave the studio some kind of raw touch but also keep it polished with white paint.

for more pictures and video, heads on to the post! what do you like from this space?

*photos courtesy of a pair and a spare.



april, as presented by this potato
// so i failed to watch fast and furious, but i compensated myself by watching avengers: age of ultron twice. t w i c e. review coming soon but i guess by the amount of watching (and such shit-eating grin above), you can tell that i enjoyed it, right?

// the long radio silence got me thinking a lot. mostly in terms of family and relationship. it amazed me somehow that by not saying anything and basically shutting my world from any interaction unless the necessary ones could reveal so much of those who still stay around you despite whatever, those who only come to you when they need you, those who only use you, etc. wow, i need to do this more often.

// i made a mental note to go outside of the city (or just wander someplace new, far from concrete jungle) at least once a month. the recent trip to bogor made me realize that despite how much i said to myself that i didn't need such recharging activity with short trip, my body, mind, and soul need it. let's make plans!

// so i finished season one of arrow and currently watching the flash. both are equally awesome. i might going to start digging more dc comics in the future.

// i finished daredevil on netflix! it's so so good i'm going to cry ehmehgerd. i remember just a week ago i was such a repudiate bitch against the idea of watching it. but then out of boredom i started to watch it. the next thing i know, i finished the whole 13 eps in four days. such a great reminiscence of the raid. and that old boy reference on 2nd eps? major win. i'm having my second rerun now. everything is so badass and painful and oh my god so good it hurts to my core. go watch it if you haven't or still contemplating. do it now.

hope everyone's may will be awesome!


A Trip to Bogor

a fine sunday at bogor botanical gardens
a quick getaway out of the capital city which also marked my first train ride in ten years. things have changed much, and quite honestly, i enjoyed my ride.

bogor botanical gardens, how should i describe it. as a self-proclaimed thalassophile, i never thought that coming to such a giant space consists of greenery which resembles a not-so-mini forest could calm me so much. there's something about tree and its kind which gave you such serene, calm feeling when you're around it. also, you're feeling so little, so small, and so sleepy. there were numerous of time i've said "heck, let's just buy mattress and take a nap for an hour or two here." but rain stopped me from doing that, sadly. there were also many things to see there. from different species of plants to the well preserved buildings during dutch occupation in the country.

me and other seven friends were just wandering aimlessly inside. trying to see everything at once ("look! that's presidential palace!" "damn, where're those rafflesias?" "oohh, giant lotus!" "ice cream! buy the ice cream!") until exhaustion overtook us. we had lunch at the cafe inside then continue our wander until around 5pm.

gotta head back to jakarta before the night came. back to the lovely confines of the train (i can't believe i just associated one of indonesia's public transportation with lovely but it's just damn comfy i even fell asleep) but managed to catch the gorgeous sunset #nofilter. overall, bogor was super nice. can't wait to come back again.

p. s. i forgot to change the setting of my camera, thus why all the photos are square. sorry!