Highs and Lows - 12/52


It started low but definitely picking up along the way 📈

Stop Asking When Will I Get Married, Dammit


Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky. Taken from Unsplash.com
Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky. Taken from Unsplash.com

I lost count how many strangers asked me the same thing.

When will you get married?
Don't you want to get married?
Are you not interested in marriage?

Apparently being 28 and not having a spouse is considered freak of nature these days.

Highs and Lows - 11/52


Quick post because this is late. Like, real late. I couldn't get a hold of any PC until Wednesday because Mother have been ill. Thus why. I apologize for text heavy post but I really need to get this posted because I'm looking forward to post my thoughts about marriage sometime around Thursday or Friday. And I'm looking forward to your feedback!

In all, what a long dreaded week. It was pretty much full of lows but then again the highs weren't that bad. I spent most of my time at home, nursing menstrual cramp and tried to stay away from coffee. I found that it's the source for major headache during period. It was agony. The weather's been pretty lovely throughout the weekend, and as I type this, it's been breezy. It rained quite heavily on Sunday though. But overall it's been very nice. I hope it could stay for quite a while, I haven't quite prepared for the sunny days!