Not So Sweet November

December 06, 2016

November was not a good month in particular. Too many downs. I'll spare you the detail so this recap would be mainly about photos. Also I believe I just lured you all with a cat photo. Sorry for that. But in other note, isn't it so cute? It came to me out of the blue while I was waiting for the bus, curling near my feet. I was so tempted to take it home! But in the end I backed out. Don't ask me about the regret. Ugh

Simple Things: On Friendship

November 22, 2016

A reminder for you to pause, breathe, and remember all the (not-so) simple things. please read with a light heart and a cup of coffee
I love to answer stuffs in Quora. Basically a place where all the civilized, smart people live, without the dirty anonymous stuffs (glaring at you, Ask.FM and CuriousCat).

A question I answered awhile ago was, What are things that you don't know how to do that most people know?

Some answered lightly. Ranging from inability to follow direction to disorientation and to tie a tie and using chopstick. My answer?

How to make friends and keeping them.

Current Home and Lock Screen

November 16, 2016

Believe it or not, I have at least 10 drafted posts in the dashboard, waiting to be published. I don't know if it's because of whatever happened nowadays, but I kept having this urge to post something lighter. It's lovely to see such, don't you think? So here you go, my current home screen and lock screen. My current phone is LG Stylus 2.

L O C K S C R E E N ; It's Jane's photo from this post! It's so good I know I just have to save and use it as my lock screen. I find that using photos of sea or beach make me feel calm instantly so I use those photos a lot. The bluer the wallpaper is, the calmer I feel.

H O M E S C R E E N ; I changed my home screen wallpaper a lot just like I change my blog's layout. In a week, I could change my wallpaper everyday. Currently it's this photo of Wendy and Joy of Red Velvet taken in Pepero Day (November 11th). It just look so cute I have to change my previous wallpaper. Somehow it fits the holiday mood, isn't it? Somewhat festive and rather Christmas-y. I feel warm just by looking at it. There's also weather widget in which I use more for the clock and 360 Security Lite booster to speed up my phone.

My to-go source for wallpaper is LINE Deco. It has good wallpaper photos from everywhere, anything you want, with size that fits your screen. It also has many widgets if you're into customizing your own phone. I like it. Other than that, I usually use wallpapers from everywhere. Blogs, sites, comics, or snaps from my daily life.

Consider yourself tagged. What's your current home screen and lock screen? Please do it in your blog or show me in comment section! :D