Ennichisai Little Tokyo 2016

may 14-15th, ennichisai little tokyo 2016
my third time coming to this lovely event. despite the massive crowd and sudden drizzle on first day, everything was what matsuri should've been. a japanese-indonesian fusion festival at least. i came alone but meeting many people on the spot. it was fun, and the food is always great.



basically civil war and a lipstick. yep
april was kind of sucks. i had this horrible, horrible pms involving all kinds of headache for two weeks. got checked and the doc simply said "please refrain yourself from being too stressed out."

clearly, she never heard of adulthood and responsibilities.

but things aside, civil war was awesome. i've been waiting for it eversince i finished the winter soldier and boy, it delivers. originally on first viewing i thought i'd put it on par with its predecessor. but then again, there's something that ticked me off about cap's characterization here plus one scene contains horrible cgi. so yeah it's a solid 9/10 and take the 2nd spot along with guardians of the galaxy to me.

whilst i'm #teamcap all the way, i can see why tony agrees with the accord and i spot some flaws in steve's thoughts and actions. but all in all, the movie worth all the hype. the fighting scenes are work of art and the new faces stole the show. all hail king t'challa! the girls. oh, don't get me start on the girls. fierce, badass, kickass. i'm in awe. we need black widow movie /nudge the russos

review y/y? also i think imma put up compilation of movie reviews from now on because, honestly, i kind of watch many movies on weekly basis but too lazy to type one title per post. since people kind of digging it so yeah. but there'll be few exceptional title that's worthy of one full post. so look out. (cue to self pls be moar productive)

also i gave in and bought nyx soft matte lip cream in cannes since ladies in my department seem to love it so much. it's not too opaque so it's kind of lost against my dark lips but the color is so beaut. described as beautiful mauve-y nude but results may vary. nice color for everyday wear.

it's may and the last installment of x-men movie coming up soon! which means i have to bid adieu to my fave love-hate combo of mcavoy-fassbender. we had a great time.

how's your april been?


Simple Things: On Loving and Keep On Loving

a reminder for you to pause, breathe, and remember all the (not-so) simple things. please read with a light heart and a cup of coffee
There's a saying that "You become an adult when you forgive your parents for loving you the way they did rather than the way you want them to."

I wish there was a handbook on how to love your parents properly. The actual correct way. Will there ever be? Is there ever any?

We love our parents in the way we want to. By kissing them in the morning before school or work. By endless and relentless or sometimes careless texts and phonecalls. By telling them you're having cold and wishing they were here to take care of us. By constant worry when you're living far from them, wondering if they're alright. By staying up late waiting for them to come home from work, along with tea and warm bath. By eating the meal they cooked until none left on the plate despite you're angry because they misplaced your favorite sock. By going to their graves every month or on their birthday. By keeping them in your prayers every night.

Maybe there will never be a correct way. So just love them. Love until there's no love to give. Love them while they're here. Love them when they're not here anymore.

Your love and compassion will get through somehow.

*picture courtesy of negativespace