2016 Half Year Movie Reviews

Figured this shit gotta start or my memory will fail me. Again. Movies are not in particular order. Old and new. I tried to find all of my movie tickets (stubs?) but most of them are probably somewhere in my room if not thrown away. Look how pristine Cap tickets are #priorities


June Beauty Stuffs

why does it take me a while to post about beauty stuffs, seriously. regardless how much of a beauty enthusiast i am, to actually post anything about beauty always give me chills. mainly because my lack of knowledge and how horrible my current skin condition right now. (not exactly horrid but the complexion kinda icked me off. nothing a good foundation a shade lighter couldn't solve) but yeah, one step at a time.


Ennichisai Little Tokyo 2016

may 14-15th, ennichisai little tokyo 2016
my third time coming to this lovely event. despite the massive crowd and sudden drizzle on first day, everything was what matsuri should've been. a japanese-indonesian fusion festival at least. i came alone but meeting many people on the spot. it was fun, and the food is always great.
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