you know that feeling when you feel like you're late doing something.feel like you're in the position of questioning whether you've made the right decision after all this time. everything seems like fallen out of place. you supposed to do this eons ago. the result would've been in your hands by now! and look where you at. see?


regret always come late, isn't it?


portrait: 001

portrait of dad. august 26th, 2014.

anxiously waiting for brother at dentist. i don't think we had such long conversation in the past years. i'm glad we could talk.

such a strong man, he is.



vacation. fresh air. sun. running wild on the beach. blinded by the sunlight. slapped by the waves. hiking my way up to the mountain. aching body due to strenuous outdoor activities. jump. scream. joy. happiness.

all i need right now.

and august just passed by. not even looking back.