At This Moment

at this moment, i am...
listening to urban zakapa's uz album! it's so cheerful and happy, not the usual of their gloomy tracks. a change i definitely would embrace! do listen below!

inspired by cup of jo's article on saying thank you. though it's not a thing that's spoken loudly in my family, it's definitely in how you express your thankfulness in actions. y/y?

learning to accept that maybe i've been living in the wrong place and the wrong time but i definitely can make it right. wrote a short note in indonesian language here.

reminiscing about the days when my skin was super duper okay. no blemishes, discolorations, even zits! damn puberty ruined it all for me.

enjoying this new tony moly tony tint delight! wasn't expect this to be so nice on my dark lips but it turned out to be okay. it makes my face looks fresh!

loving the school holiday period! because it means less traffic jam and less hostile bus environment in daily basis. praise the government! haha

reading "bumi manusia" (this earth of the mankind) by pramoedya ananta toer. time to start reading on my country's novels! things i've been avoiding over the years because it's always somewhat between cheeky-cheesy, and too deep. really have to admit that i rarely read anything beside mangas and japanese literature (and harry potter).

wanting to make playlist at least once a month. but then realized that i rarely listen to anything but tvxq and k-pop on the past year hahaha maybe someday. idk. also i want (more of i need) a new pair of sneakers/slip-ons for work.

working on mini project of a watch-together concert in weeks to come. excited to work on fandom thingy after such a long time!

quoting ian maclaren's "a thought to help us through these difficult times: be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." i know. i do think it was plato's.

hope everyone is having a great week! x


An Afternoon At Ikea

that late trip to ikea alam sutra 
being that lazybum-anti-mainstream-girl i am, i didn't jump on the bandwagon to do the great migration to ikea alam sutera when it opened late 2014. i will never understand how people always want to be the first to see opening of a venue/shop/outlet/whatever. it's so crowded i can't even breathe omg n o p e . and lbr, after few reviews saying that the lingonberry jam isn't available there, i was kinda disappointed. so yeah, the trip would have to wait.

so there i was, coming for the first time to the most raved housewares and furniture store all of my fave bloggers talked about. impressions? it was massive, yet so beautifully arranged. they made me want to sit on every couch available, touch all the sheets, basically they made me want to explore everything. and they made me want to buy everything. how come? it's as if they crafted each section in detail. left nothing abandoned. i feel like i've been transported to sweden all of a sudden.

in short, i was impressed.

probably the downside is that we have to queue for so long to get the infamous swedish meatballs (we gave up halfway) and how indonesians are too lazy to clean up after their mess (it's written in every table but everyone ignored it. no surprise). so we just headed downstairs for the ice cream instead. it's so yummy.

i ended up bought nothing but i made up a long list in my blue sheet. future things to buy. how's ikea in your country looks like? (please spoil me on the lingonberry jam. i'm so curious yeah)

{ gifted cardigan // uniqlo tank top and jeans // h&m bag }


Spaces I Love 02

the long radio silence this time sponsored by the broken laptop and the broken work pc. i already have two posts in the draft but because i couldn't edit my photos, i couldn't post them. bad news aside, i'm back with new post for spaces i love! been on the low radar lately but i've pinned some beautiful spaces in my pinterest for future posts. can't wait to share them with you!

i'm a sucker for studio type. i see a room without partitions as comforting and open (there's this theory of blood type o people as the one with many locks on the door yet open to one huge room without any partition. well, i kinda can relate). i always dream to have one studio for me to work in, a huge open space with little nook on the side by the window to rest for a while, and big long table to lay things out and do all the DIY's on. this studio of a pair and a spare has everything i want and need! i like how geneva also showcase her DIY and put it to use. and bits of green in concrete jungle added nice refreshing touch.

things i love:
// the whole DIY spirit that literally build this space. from the hanging rope shelves to sturdy table with concrete block as legs. everything seems so buildable and i think, you can make your own version of this studio at home!
// the black and white rug. i covet!
// the bare ceiling gave the studio some kind of raw touch but also keep it polished with white paint.

for more pictures and video, heads on to the post! what do you like from this space?

*photos courtesy of a pair and a spare.