The Thieves



title: the thieves (도둑들; Dodookdeul)
country: south korea
director: choi dong-hun
producer: ahn soo-hyun
release: july 25th, 2012

i'm not a big fan of asian movie tbh. let alone from korea. simply because the pace is rather too slow for my liking. but i watched japanese movies for fun (not the horror ones!).

i watched this last saturday with friends at blitz megaplex grand indonesia. all because of kim soohyun and jeon jihyun (and their kissing scene, i admit). i'm a big fan of jihyun-unni since my sassy girl days. remember her now? oh, and she played in live action of blood: the last vampire too. soohyun. hmm, i'm not too fond of him but i knew we share the same birthdate, which is february 16th (different year. he's on 1988 while mine was on 1989) and he played so well in dream high and the moon embraces the sun.

the movie ; the movie was, almost like ocean's eleven. the robbery of a casino which pulled off by a collab team from seoul and macao. all brought by one guy who eventually set them up. the pace is rather quick but not too confusing. using few flashbacks but placed in rather appropriate and enjoyable timing, which add the pleasure in watching. the camera angle is nice. and the stunts pulled off nicely.

the cast ; can i give hands down to all of them? urgh, srsly. at first i don't know how all of them could pull off such distinctive complicated characters which eventually completes each other. oh, i don't know that kim hyesoo of style also played in! omg she's my fave and she looks so hawt *sobbing* there's also simon yam and angelica lee, in which if you watched many hong kong movies, you'll recognize their faces! each characters were having their portion shared equally. but i'm kind of sad with soohyun's character. because not much thing can dug from it as if he's just an eye candy. he looks hawt in this movie though. but my fave character is hyesoo's!

the story ; typical robbery with twists. along with marvelous sets and beautiful cities as their settings. but still enjoyable to watch. especially if you wanna see some action involving guns. nothing is too graphic. but the twists will make your eyes popping because they're really unexpected. there i said. it's plural :p

the fashion ; pretty much to see! involving teh girls' dresses and coats, boys' shoes and jewelries! i remember squealing so hard on hyesoo-unni's green coat at the beginning of the movie. the length is just perfect. unf. and the girls' hair too! inspiring!

overall ; it was a nice movie to watch on the weekend. with friends. not one of the best korean movies but it's really really enjoyable. well, with title of all time second highest grossing korean movie, you should expect more ;)

rating ; 7.9 out of 10

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  1. i don't watch a lot of Korean movies, only those who people recommend as being VERY GOOD. hahaha so thanks for the review!


  2. awww your blog is so cute!! Great post btw!
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  4. Hi, I've probably watched it but I never look at it from your perspective. You perform a detailed review

  5. thanks for the review! :)

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  7. amazing review! maybe gonna watch it :D

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  8. very good review! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  9. Great post!! Although I'm not a k-movie fan I would love to watch it coz it seems interesting!! (:

  10. Nice post! We still haven't watch this movie yet but looks like its a good movie.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  11. looks like it's going to be a cool movie:)) I have a Giveaway now and I would love to invite you to participate!!:) keep in touch!


  12. Hi dear,

    So beautiful post and great blog!

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