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TVXQ- Catch Me official site update 08

i remember last month when the news broke out that TVXQ will have their comeback by the end of september, i was literally shaking and crying. because it was so sudden and it was like, two days before SMTOWN Jakarta. i can only pray that it'll be as badass as Keep Your Head Down, but then again, i don't want to hope too much. it's already a good news for them to release another korean album. so let's see.

day by day, the teaser pics released and i can only gaped like a fish. the usual mature, black and white suit like the first pic i posted. i secretly hoped the album will be better than KYHD (the whole album is still on my most played up to now). and then the MV of Catch Me came.
it was glorious.
i love the whole thing. the song, the lyrics, the dance, the camoxcaged-reversed outfit, even the box set. everything was right but less badass. it's the only complain i had (up to now). and the album was out days later. IT WAS BEYOND MY EXPECTATION. love how their voices blended better, so much better, in every songs. and how they challenged themselves to sing in such versatility in wide genre. i was so impressed. the album is very radio friendly. even my dad and bro said they loved it (they're very picky jsyk but TVXQ is no stranger to them). and the album pics are gorgeous. spazz-worthy. drool-worthy. artistically speaking. CLASSEEEHHH.
well, i was pretty sad about how korean accept their sixth album. the sales are pretty slow. they haven't win any mutizen award in music shows (because mr. psy still blasting his gangnam style everywhere. no offense, but i feel like chopping someone's head off if i hear the song again. hard contender is hard). maybe because they're thinking the same thing as i am? the album is less badass? less 'in-your-face' attitude like in Keep Your Head Down? it was sad to see the disappointed look in their face once. but they're still rocking it hard. repackaged album just released and i can't wait for their tour kickoff on november 17th (and 18th. both days ticket were sold out in just 3 minutes. the gods have spoken). please come to indonesia next year!
TVXQ- Catch Me official site update 09
oh, itunes everyone? clickie!
1. catch me ; the song is kind of dizzying at first. if you're not a fan of dubstep you must be pretty shock. this song is nowhere TVXQ's old style at all. but as the song progress to the end, you'll be amazed on how rich the composition is. changmin's screaming fits perfectly with yunho's rap. and their singing are just pleasant to the ears. not overwhelming elements of dubstep and effects. very interesting song. ; idky but this song gave so much shinee feels. i quite like it because it's just so fresh. the backing vocals are nice too. but i hope they won't do this kind of music style again haha
3. destiny ; when you first hear it, it gives some sexy vibes. but as the song progress, it turns to be a very romantic song. they displayed their amazing vocal range and harmony. something that's really TVXQ. evokes all your romantic feels. please check the translation here! ain't a song you'd love to play in your wedding?
4. like a soap ; let's derp with the title a bit. before amazed on how easy and smooth this song is. very simple and playful. yuri of girl's generation's additional voice is a pleasant to the ear too.
5. i don't know ; korean version. i prefer the japanese. it's nice but the translation is kinda off.
6. dream ; i already can imagine they close the concert with this song while running around the stadium with ear-splintering grin. a song that you can't help but to put your hands up in the sky and making waves. fun and free.
7. how are you ; again, such an amazing display of their vocals. theirs just blend together in harmony. so so pretty. the music is like the backing vocal (idk how to say it) but it really made the song complete. really nice.
8. getaway ; TVXQ + rock = OVARIES EXPLODE. you have to listen to their rock voice. yunho's is kinda make you derp at first. but changmin is just godly. the guitar riff is awesome. the composition is badass. everything from this song screaming badass feels. please sing more rock songs like this.
9. i swear ; i want you to take a moment and relish the fact that this song was made by changmin especially for cassiopeia. TVXQ's fans. the song is so beautiful. and the high notes are just dreamily perfect. a very gorgeous thankful song. thank you, changmin.
10. gorgeous ; this song is kinda mixed of super junior m's perfection and boa's hurricane venus imo. i have feeling that this song is actually just a filler but lately it's been in my heavy playlist. who wouldn't want to be called as gorgeous anyway? too much techno feels.
11. good night ; TVXQ's album will never be complete without baby-making song a.k.a the song with sexy beat which made you all hot and bothered lol the lyrics are very nice. and changmin's vocal is just dead right. and yunho's english, i just died. lullaby that keeps you awake.
rating: 8.3/10

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