A Werewolf Boy


a very late post cos my mobile blogger app is being a dick. urgh. off to watch this beautiful movie during easter holiday with a friend. totally enjoyed it from start to its ending. the color, lighting, and saturation of this movie is wonderful as it portrayed the flashback in rather dreamy romantic chimerical way. very lovely.
oh and i'd like to point that this is not another ver of twilight or teen wolf lol totally different. and this review is a bit spoiler so yeah, read on your own risk!

the casts, song joong ki's acting is very good. he managed to act so pleasant as a werewolf trying to learn about human. the character development is nice. but the best acting goes to park bo young, the lovely-rather quiet smart little leading lady. her character development throughout the movie went better than joongki's, and hell, her voice is just so lovely!

the fashion, 70s galore! omg i love love love to see suni (bo young's character) 's dresses throughout the movie. long dresses detailed with lace. rather simple but very nice. her mom is pretty much casual with pants and turtleneck sweats but still lovely with occasional coats she wore in some of the scenes. cheol-su (joong ki) wore the same plaid shirt over and over but i gotta say that i love the color. whoever choose the blue, it gave a sense of calm and i think it fits his character well.

the story, it's a bit twisted. not just a werewolf fallen in love with a girl (i didn't even sure if it categorized as love. much more to a friendship) and things go wrong when his uncle trying to prove that cheol-su is a monster. the pace is very nice. things resoluted in time. but i kinda think the ending was a bit dragged longer than it should. really could be shortened a bit. and yes, i teared up in some parts of the movie.

overall, very nice! if any of you wanted to try watching korean movie but not fond of sth heavy or action type, i suggest you just go and watch this. pretty light for a korean movie but it'll left you impressed afterwards. just wonderful.

rating: 4,7 out of 5.

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