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look who finally managed to watch this movie hoho (insert spazz here). first of all, it was a tremendously exhausting movie (indo: capek batin) because of all the complexity in. although i'm not a huge x-men fan, it was pretty okay for the first-timer to start by watching this one then watch the rest of x-men movies.

i actually kind of going backwards by watching days of future past then first class. whoops. (i watched first class but terribly forgotten about it eepp. blame it on fassavoy) nonetheless, it's still fun and enjoyable to watch. would totally recommend it even for a non-fan.

looking forward to edge of tomorrow and maleficent (maybe this weekend). i have never been this enthusiast over movies before haha. suddenly i found myself kept craving for upcoming releases in theatre. maybe i'm just desperate for entertainment.

while we're at it, let's talk about TV shows, shall we? *grabs seat* blame it on game of thrones' break and hannibal season 2 which ended a while ago, i stumbled upon a new television show named "penny dreadful" in which it is a friend's recommendation. the casts are awesome and full of beautiful people. i mean, timothy dalton, eva green, josh hartnett. gorgeouser, and gorgeouser. amirite? and other casts are beautiful too! you'll love them all eventually. the story revolves in london circa 19th century about series of slaughter caused by some kind of evil. typical horror serie? nope! watch as the serie unravel its casts and getting more twisted as each episodes passed. it's been aired four episodes so far and i fell hard over it. i've forgotten my resolution to watch salem because of this amazing serie omg. please do check it out? xx

on the other note, i acquisitioned new cellphone few weeks ago. let's hope this year's resolution to take more outdoor (and concert) pictures could be achieved. i'm eager to learn.

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  1. I haven't watch that movie ugh! I am really looking forward to Edge of Tomorrow and Maleficent as well x



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