things of june


new volume of detective conan released. i'm one of those conservative readers who wait for the indonesian ver to be released. there is such a joy in holding the papers and read it again and again until the book felt loose in your hand.

saw this car in southern jakarta. parked just right there and i couldn't resist to take picture. is that a commercial cab? i surely hope it is. i would gladly hop in.

i basically live in these attire. black pants and white shoes. been a staple for years. i need to upgrade my wardrobe. i know. in which i currently doing. goal: india rose and andyheart.

i badly need to cut down coffee. so i lately stocked up my childhood fave milk. it just tastes the same. i love how it brings out nostalgia.

on the other hand, i'm loving how this editing turned out.

rewarding myself with stack of rings from h&m. loving the clash of gold and silver and how it fits me perfectly. i need to wear them more often.

failed attempt in coloring my hair. i just hoped it'd turned out a notch lighter than my previous dark brown but it turned out, well, just half a notch lighter. at least no black roots. i'm contemplating to bleach my hair later on.

rows and rows of insanely delicious spaghetti for fasting break at the office. fyi, my boss made these. super yum. sorry if i made you hungry and craving it rn. no i'm not.

rows and rows of heavenly donuts. one coworker had birthday on late june and she rewarded us all with donuts. yay!

superb fasting break to end june with workmates. hello, july! be sweet!


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    1. me too!! it's just so minimalist and made my heart flutter xx


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