things of july


you know, when your laziest fave blogger updated, YOU MUST UPDATE ALONG. besides, really, even in my flattest life, i do have stories to tell. i mean, july has been very long --to me, at least. so here are some updates. sorry for the lack of pictures.

on a side note, this dessert is really good. makes me want to try every taiwanese dessert available.

so Ramadhan quite started off with a late trip to dentist. brother have been suffering from really horrible toothache for months yet he kept ignoring it. when he finally made the trip, err, i'll just save it to both of us because ~apparently~ it's gruesome. so things i actually learn is:

// never ignore any kind of pain that happened in your body. it might be something serious.
// dentist and eye doctor visit require a shitload of money so take a good careful care of those two body parts. i mean it.
// like father like son. they always ignore pain for pleasure. whatever that means.

tried out devil chocolate bingsoo at cafe bene. i guess i'll stick to the usual matcha. but the conversation happened was a whole lot sweeter than this desert. so yeah it made up the whole lot of it.

i still want to have six-pack husband.

THIS BBQ BEEF FLATBREAD IS SO GOOD. damn mcdonald's, this one is a total winner! everything is just perfect. from the size, the bread, the beef, the BBQ sauce. heaven. my new to-go menu.

got these wonderful envelopes for Ied. i quite like the pictures so i ended up using none of them. no. i'm that selfish lol

oh the last envelope has the big bang theory.

other stuffs:
// spent Ied with fam minus bro. couldn't say it was pleasant but perhaps one of the best Ied i've had for years after grandma passed away. the food were great too.
// hooray for less traffic in jakarta! finally! it was really great to go here and there within this city for less than an hour in at least a week. but the malls were chaos. as if everyone jammed in! a very bad timing to hang out tbh.
// was originally planned to watch as many movies as i can but ended up only watched one which is jack ryan: shadow recruit. furthermore, it was on sunday. the last day of my days off.
// is currently planning holiday for early september. off off here we go!


  1. Sounds like you've done some cool things over July! That devil chocolate bingo looks incredible :O

    Helen xx

    1. thank you! the bingsoo (korean shaved ice) is actually huge. tastes amazing too :)

  2. Blackball is my favorite! Looks like you had an amazing July. x

    1. i think my july was good. thank you! what do you think about sumoboo though?


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