December 25th, 2014. Marugame Udon @ Gandaria City.
Another photos from last year. Not a surprise. What's surprising was I managed to finish them all. It tasted heavenly. I remember it was kind of rainy that day so a bowl of udon is always a pleasure.

If anyone give me a dollar everytime I change my layout I'll be rich by now lmao

Side notes:
// Hooked up on LINE Webtoon! Was leisurely searching through new wallpapers to download and found a rather amusing poster which piqued my curiosity. Later all I know I already finished two series and put three on-going titles on my faves for future updates. Speaking about impulsive.
// Raining so hard since the beginning of this week. I'm afraid flood might come anytime.
// Movies I watched (Jan 1st-Jan 12): Gone Girl, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Edge of Tomorrow, Ratatouille, Taegukgi, Tom & Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes ((this is hilarious)), Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Pacific Rim, Tangled ((I wanna give mad props to the Indonesian dubber here!)), Taken, Fast & Furious.
// I was thinking to change the title of this blog. Any suggestion? Or perhaps I should use Caramelatte again?


  1. These food pics are dreamy - I am so hungry now.... xx

  2. it looks amazing!

    xx danielle //

  3. nunzia sofia21/1/15 8:54 PM

    wowwww amazing food honey ;)

    Check it out my new post:

  4. I think that changing the layout can be really fun. Although for blogging it is important to stick to one for a while because the users will identify you with it, but I remember those days of xanga and even asianavenue when i was always changing up the layout and everything. This meal looks so incredibly good and I still want to see Gone girl too. Ratatouille is actually one of my favorite movies and Taegukgi is so good but so sad.

    Rae | love from berlin

  5. thanks for the suggestion. i really need to stick with one design for at least a year. i'm easily get bored yet everytime i see new blog, their design kept inspiring me. i'm so doomed.

    go watch gone girl! it's depressing but all the turmoil worth it (to me, at least). i need to watch more movies. x

  6. Oh no! I don't mean you should not have fun with your layout. But I would say if you are really looking to build a strong brand and turn your blog into a business, then it is something to consider!

    I wanted to read the book first, before seeing the movie, but I never find any time to read :( I guess that is what I get for being a workaholic!

  7. thanks so much for the tips! i really should learn from more pro-bloggers like you (i really like your layout xx). i think i'll stick around with the current one (aside of finding good logo) for a while. speaking about branding myself ^^

    omg my friend just said the other day that i need to read the book first too. it's much better than the movie and it gives in depth overview of each characters. i hope you'll find time soon x

  8. Oh gosh! I am hardly a pro-blogger! I actually purchased my layout since I am working with a self-hosted wordpress. There are some beautiful layouts out there.

    And I hope so too! I really do wish I had more time for reading!


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