Hello, 2015!

December 28th, 2014. Food Truck Festival @Living World
starting new year with past year's photos. how appropriate.

went to food truck party at living world earlier before 2014 ended. managed to try some food but failed to catch the tacos. how unfortunate. but mad props to kai pacifica for the awesome fusion burritos! tried the bulgogi and cakalang ones, and both are, frankly speaking, heaven in your mouth. can't wait to catch you on the next food truck event!

eventhough i'm not the type of person who write down her resolutions. i managed to wrote some last year, tho. but only managed to catch like, 1/3 of em? so i kind of decided that resolution is not for me. but frankly speaking, life should have a goal. i'll just keep them all by myself while you'll see the progress along the way.

here's to another year full of opportunities, experience, and joy! bring it on, 2015!

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