Spaces I Love 01

welcome to first instalment of my blog series named "spaces i love", in which i will feature design style of houses and interiors that i love and adore from the web. i guess i just need to share my favorites with you because pinterest is just not enough. i hope you can find some inspiration for your space from this series.

i've always been a fan of japanese-style house. growing up with manga and anime, i found myself fond of their sleek styled house with all its simplicity and clean cut design. minimalist, can i say? not to mention their love of everything wooden. although i'm more interested in their modern house, i have this soft spot for their traditional house with tatami (isn't it adorbs?)

when i was surfing through the web, i found that one of my fave japanese brand, muji, also design house with their aesthetics and idea. keeping in mind that space is a major issue in japan, muji successfully design a practical yet comfortable, airy and flowy house as embodied in their third series of home design, "the vertical home".

things i love:
// the staircase. all the way to the top with minimal railing. practical much! not to mention the wall that also utilizes as book shelf. i can picture myself replacing the book with my albums and dvds. if i put mp3 stereo right there, i can hear the song playing throughout the house. sounds awesome.
// the laundry room that also functions as walk-in closet. talking about practical living here.
// the overall box-y exterior design. incredible! i love how they use darker shade of wood. it gives more earthy feels.

what do you like from this house?


  1. What a gorgeous place. I used to be a real architecture nerd and one of the last places I was looking into was Japanese architecture after a friend gave me the most incredible coffee table book dedicated to modern day Japanese architecture. Life got in the way sadly and I haven't really gotten back to it, aside from pinterest though which has spiked my interest again.


  2. hannah @ TheBraidedBandit29/1/15 11:05 PM

    These are all beautiful shots, I always love lots of white with wooden accents! xo Hannah

  3. Nice!!!!! Reminding me of this article

  4. thanks for the link! i remember there was similar house in jakarta. it looks incredibly comfy omg xx

  5. aw you should rekindle such passion again! maybe through pinterest, but take your time x

  6. there's something fascinating about the wood, isn't it? x

  7. What amazing spaces and architecture - gorgeous shots. Loving a lll the woods :)



    My Closet Life Blog

  8. I really adore Muji so seeing this Muji designed house is awesome. I'm always 'liking' minimalist interiors on Instagram but I'm not sure if I could ever have a minimalist house, I'd definitely have elements though...alongside my piles of cushions and kitsch.

  9. mte. sometimes i love the whole clutter-free look. but then again, if i am to have one, i'm pretty sure it'll be littered with magazines and clothes x


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