on officially turning 26 years old on february 16th, 2015
so, 26? where the hell those days have gone to?

those days of "dammit, i'm old!" have long gone. i began to accept that it was all part of growing up and become a mature person. honestly speaking, my 25 was painful, as i've said in my instagram. it was full of loss and sufferings. a brutal phase in my life. but also i have learned a lot that it was absolutely necessary for the living. i don't have too much of expectation on this age other than trying to fulfill some old wishes. i hope i can be a better person for myself, my family, and friends. i want to see the world in more positive light. i want to go to places i've never been before. and also, i want to actually fall in love.

last monday, a.k.a the d-day, my friends arranged a simple surprise, knowing i'm not a fan of extravagant things. it was really nice. i never had such for years (since mom passed away, perhaps) so to actually blow a candle after more than a decade was so thrilling. i feel like a kid again.

cheers for a great age! have a nice february!

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  1. Happy Birthday! 26 is a great age - I'm 29 at the end of this year (kind of scary) but I don't feel old at all (despite my age telling me that I am approaching 30 which is terrifying). Hope you have the best day and have fun with your friends!

  2. woa really? i thought we're at the same age hehe (a compliment x) i know right? age is merely just a number once you embraced it.

    thank you! i had much fun ^^ x

  3. happy belated birthday!


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