Body of Water

jakarta, february 9th-10th,2015
guess who made its comeback. yep, flood. but this time, can i say, milder? it only lasted for three days in my office's area (last year it lasted for two weeks straight). the depths were varied. on day one it reached knee high, but the next day it was waist deep. very frustrating. i'm glad i live in a flood-free residence.

also, this was the first flood in which i caught the aftereffect. caught flu by the third day and apparently still feeling unwell up to friday. not to mention several little illness that followed (dehydration, constipation. i scream "no biggies!!" while laying on the floor half past dead with tissues scattered here and there). it has been the worst sicknesses i've encountered while working. hopefully the next months will be better.

damn february is coming to an end. why too soon?

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  2. oh my gosh! i don't think i have ever experienced a flood! i hope you are feeling better!

  3. i's a yearly occurence in our city, sadly. but government is working hard to fix it since two years ago and this one has been a lot more milder than what it used to be (i remember it used to be worse two years ago. it could take a month to dry out. eekk!). thank you! i feel lotsa better now. working on a healthier march! stay healthy too! x


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