Things of January

january and all it's struggles and ups and downs 
january was an overwhelming month. somehow it was full of stress due to so many expectations from every sides, family and work. not to mention the start of new year also gave me so many new deadlines for myself. not to mention, january was the month when i feel like i didn't take any good photos. maybe i became a perfectionist. maybe my so-called-skill is getting rusty. or maybe i need more practice. or maybe simply i'm not good for it. jack of all trades, master of none.

or maybe i just need a fucking break. or maybe i was being hard on myself. speaking about expectations.

other stuffs:
// catching up on agent carter. it's so good. so so good.
// watched no movie at cinema for the whole january. oops. gotta work on it this month.
// gifted myself an early birthday gift. pretty huge. but i'm feeling so good. will reveal it to you soon x
// stacking up on some new makeups. got the longtime wishlist maybelline clear smooth mineral healthy natural concealer in medium sand! also, my bad luck in bb cream continues. perhaps i really need some help.
// tweaked the layout again. this will be the final layout at least for the next six months. and i need to come up with a logo. hmm.
// successfully passed january healthily. yay!

may our february be prosper x

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