title: cinderella
country: united states
director: kenneth branagh
release date: march 12th, 2015 (imdb link)
been anticipating the movie since its trailer released. although cinderella is not my fave story from disney, there's always something romantic and enchanting about a girl finding his man (or in this case, the opposite), isn't it? and also, richard madden. do i need to say a word?

warning, review may contain spoiler.

the movie; usually oversaturated movie made me dizzy. and this one is no exception. in some scenes it looks too bright for my eyes. but it really enhances the details and the dreamy-fairytale world it brings. so i guess it's a nice touch. it does look like a real-life fairytale though.

the casts; tbh, i come to see helena bonham carter! she's just, captivating. i really like her being casted as hairy dogfather, um, fairy godmother. it just so fresh. lily james looks like she's a real-life cinderella, and richard madden is as prince-y as he could bring the prince alive with such gorgeous set of blue eyes. and cate blanchett... a canon thought. if the prince saw the stepmother first, perhaps he'll pick her instead. because cate blanchett, 10/10 would bang.

the story; you know how it goes so it's kind of predictable. there's been some twists here and there but nothing too stand out. i wish there'd be some kind of maleficent moment, y'know. but nah. and some scenes are just a wee bit too exaggerated. to me, i feel like it was pretty lack of character depth so it gets kind of boring.

the fashion; here is where i just want to give the crews a standing applause. everyone seems to dress on point! there was no dull in their clothing even on the ordinary people's. i believe it has something to do with the saturation though. but, damn i want ella's wedding dress.

overall; i enjoyed the adaptation. i wouldn't say i'm an aesthetic lover but this pleases my ears and eyes so much. for the sake of curiosity, go watch. but don't except too much.

rating; 6.8 out of 10

have you seen it? what do you think about this movie?

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  1. I am so curious for this movie, thanks for the heads up tho. And I am definitely in for Helena Bonham Carter too haha!

  2. I do wonder about this movie as it's had a mix of reviews hasn't it? I hadn't expected it to be so oversaturated but I'm not surprised when I think to the trailer. I love Helena Bonham Carter, she's so good at every role!

  3. I haven't seen it yet! So is the storyline the same as the animated version?

  4. you're welcome! please watch it if you have time. HBC is such a stunner x

  5. yeah, i kind of think that the mixed reviews bec it fell below people's expectation. it really is made for children and people who love fairytales imo x

  6. there're some twists and dramatic moments. but overall it stick to the animated version :D x


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