A Trip to Bogor

a fine sunday at bogor botanical gardens
a quick getaway out of the capital city which also marked my first train ride in ten years. things have changed much, and quite honestly, i enjoyed my ride.

bogor botanical gardens, how should i describe it. as a self-proclaimed thalassophile, i never thought that coming to such a giant space consists of greenery which resembles a not-so-mini forest could calm me so much. there's something about tree and its kind which gave you such serene, calm feeling when you're around it. also, you're feeling so little, so small, and so sleepy. there were numerous of time i've said "heck, let's just buy mattress and take a nap for an hour or two here." but rain stopped me from doing that, sadly. there were also many things to see there. from different species of plants to the well preserved buildings during dutch occupation in the country.

me and other seven friends were just wandering aimlessly inside. trying to see everything at once ("look! that's presidential palace!" "damn, where're those rafflesias?" "oohh, giant lotus!" "ice cream! buy the ice cream!") until exhaustion overtook us. we had lunch at the cafe inside then continue our wander until around 5pm.

gotta head back to jakarta before the night came. back to the lovely confines of the train (i can't believe i just associated one of indonesia's public transportation with lovely but it's just damn comfy i even fell asleep) but managed to catch the gorgeous sunset #nofilter. overall, bogor was super nice. can't wait to come back again.

p. s. i forgot to change the setting of my camera, thus why all the photos are square. sorry!


  1. This looks so pretty - I can't get over those giant lily pads!

  2. omg those HUGE Lilies... can i be a frog???? I'd do anything to be a frolicking frog on that pond..
    I find it calming too when surrounded by greens. it's as if I forgot that other life forms exist outside my small world,, and to be reminded im just a speck of dust in the universe can be such a relief, especially when times are getting tough...

    I love the way you layout the photos btw!! :D

  3. Akiko Hiramatsu1/5/15 2:56 PM

    Such a great trip!!
    I love your photos.
    I will go to trip tomorrow too!
    Have a nice weekend.


  4. may i know what app do u use to edit your photos *__*


  5. thank you. it's a really beautiful place x

  6. almost everyone said the same thing after seeing those lily pads, they wanna be a frog! hahah some said there are bigger ones in other side of the garden. i really need to go back *-*

    thank you for the compliment, yapo~! yes, just by being there gave such calming feeling x

  7. it really is lovely place. glad you love it x

  8. have fun, akiko-san! thank you x

  9. vscocam! collages and texts were done in photoshop cs3 x


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