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mr. park @ grand indonesia
apologize for long radio silence. my introvert side kicked in and i just really wanna curl under bed cover all week long. another week passed with minimum social interaction. but here're some snippets of my weekend out with some friends. tried out a korean casual dining in town and it's safe to say i had a great lunch. affordable, hearty meal above!

can't wait for avengers 2: age of ultron! CAN YOU FEEL MY EXCITEMENT!!!


  1. yooo food looks great!!! I love taking pics of a finished dishes as well lol but it's messy. How you make it still lookin so art-y, i do not know XD

    As for me I have two extrovert mood~ if I'm silent online, then I'm extrovert irl. But if I'm noisy online, it means I'm introvert irl. Haha.

  2. Akiko Hiramatsu20/4/15 2:26 PM

    It seems to be delicious!
    Have a nice day.


  3. very delicious! thank you, Akiko-san. have a nice day too x

  4. oh my god that finished dish pic was kind of looking as if we hadn't eat for a week straight lol it's so huge and most of them consisted of meat XD i have to tiptoed to get both shot and some people looking at me weirdly XD

    oh my, that's interesting! i'm introvert but i think i'm mingle quite well. it's just that i prefer alone, or sleeping most of the time heheh aahh ain't we all kind of noisy online. especially when we spazz about things we like xx

  5. Sometimes it is nice to listen to that introvert side! Your korean food looks delish.

  6. Damn that food looks really good!

  7. Omnomnom, that fooood!! It's great to be able to listen to that introvert side from time to time. It's good for the soul ;)

  8. sometimes we all need that 'silence' from the internet. glad that you had a good time with your friends.

  9. yes, a break well deserved. thank you x

  10. thanks. i learned to listen to my introvert side over the past years. sometimes i really forgot to take a break. i need to do it often x

  11. yes! i need to do it more often though. thanks you x


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