things of march
still got some cinema vouchers left since october (wut?) and finally put them to good use, for cinderella and the gunman. cinderella was okay. the gunman, not recommended. i'm not even sure if it's worth it to be reviewed here. maybe someday.

tried fat straw at gandaria city for the first time! went there twice within a week lmao. left one is caramel milk tea with honey boba and the right one is matcha milk tea without topping (i like my matcha milk tea plain). both are so good. can't wait to come back and try their brick toast matcha cream! the honey waffle below is free for purchase of large-sized milk tea in limited period of time, in which i managed to get it twice! hoho

as a sucker for black and white but too afraid to tackle some bold pattern, finding this wallet on octopus project is heaven. it's big enough to use as mini bag inside my huge work bag, but also quite handy to bring as purse for daily use. it can fit a 6" tablet nicely, and also some bus pass cards + e-money. love it!

the left one is my to-go shoes! i prefer to wear flats to work and these cute suede flats from the little things she needs have been my to-go flats since i bought it almost two years ago. formal enough to work yet casual enough for hangout. just saying, i only buy my flats here!

speaking of it, after checking out some of their collection at zalora made me making mental note to buy another pair soon. loving the black and white stripes!

lately i just want to eat out. i haven't cook at home for almost a week. dunno why. i just kind of bored, perhaps. chicken blackpepper-don in 7-eleven is my to-go, and iced cappucino is my new fave! kind of drooling while typing right now. gotta go to the nearest one soon.

suddenly, totoro! a failed karaoke/noraebang appointment resulted in a girl's day out consisted of food trips, make up and beauty visit to several parlors, and drooling over anime-manga figurines. not to mention all the spazz while looking at new harry potter covers! kind of a harsh reminder why i go to work (buy all the goddamn beautiful amazing books!). we found those totoro squishing each other in a shop. now they look more like ninjas haha.

overall, it's been a great march. i'm happy enough. it covered all the gloomy february brought. can't wait to see what april would bring. how's your march been?

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  1. Samantha Mariko3/4/15 6:20 AM

    the boba drinks look so good! wish they had places like that in japan. totoro love<3

  2. Beautiful pictures.

    ♡ Follow me on GFC, I always follow back.

  3. Ohlala, that waffle! The picture of those squished totoro looks hilarious though, they look badly made but so funny :P

  4. Those totoro's look so squished! The poor things haha. I love all this asian food you've snapped. Could do with some bubble tea, waffles, honey toast and that chicken black pepper don. Gosh!!

  5. Akiko Hiramatsu8/4/15 12:59 PM

    Such a cute photos! I love your post.
    Totoro! haha
    They feel cramped in a confined space...!


  6. I love the shoes! Haha I love the name Fat Straw as well, very appropriate.

  7. i thought it's really appropriate too! hahah and it's very addictive urgh x

  8. poor totoros! they're definitely squishy though hahah x

  9. i knooowww TT looking at all those food snaps made me hungry all over again sighs x

  10. the top totoro was actually a backpack and i just found out after i took that pic hahah they're definitely squishy x

  11. i hope something similar would open over there! here people still crazy about boba, which makes every merchants try to sell as creative as they can. kind of fun to see and try x


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