An Afternoon At Ikea

that late trip to ikea alam sutra 
being that lazybum-anti-mainstream-girl i am, i didn't jump on the bandwagon to do the great migration to ikea alam sutera when it opened late 2014. i will never understand how people always want to be the first to see opening of a venue/shop/outlet/whatever. it's so crowded i can't even breathe omg n o p e . and lbr, after few reviews saying that the lingonberry jam isn't available there, i was kinda disappointed. so yeah, the trip would have to wait.

so there i was, coming for the first time to the most raved housewares and furniture store all of my fave bloggers talked about. impressions? it was massive, yet so beautifully arranged. they made me want to sit on every couch available, touch all the sheets, basically they made me want to explore everything. and they made me want to buy everything. how come? it's as if they crafted each section in detail. left nothing abandoned. i feel like i've been transported to sweden all of a sudden.

in short, i was impressed.

probably the downside is that we have to queue for so long to get the infamous swedish meatballs (we gave up halfway) and how indonesians are too lazy to clean up after their mess (it's written in every table but everyone ignored it. no surprise). so we just headed downstairs for the ice cream instead. it's so yummy.

i ended up bought nothing but i made up a long list in my blue sheet. future things to buy. how's ikea in your country looks like? (please spoil me on the lingonberry jam. i'm so curious yeah)

{ gifted cardigan // uniqlo tank top and jeans // h&m bag }


  1. I love Ikea so much, haven't been able to take as nice pictures there as yours though! I've tried the lingonberry jam, it's hard to describe. Not too sweet, similar to gooseberry if you know it?

  2. I loooove IKEA, most of the time I don't even need to buy anything but I go for the meatballs and that pear drink they have.

  3. IKEA's like a playground! So much fun :)


  4. What a lovely day:)

  5. I love Ikea and always end up buying things! I went recently and bought a new desk haha which my dad dutifully helped me put together.

  6. I love IKEA but I don't go there all time mainly because
    the closest IKEA is like 80km+ away :P
    What I also love is the food court of IKEA... :')

  7. Oh daaaaamn, these pictures of IKEA are brilliant! I never thought of actually taking pictures there, but the warehouse seems so photogenic now! (As do the ice cream, dayum!)

    I think I really like Ikea, it's relatively cheap, but nice furniture. My whole house is mostly from Ikea now I think about it, haha. :P

  8. thank you! the place is just too photogenic i can't stop taking pics! i'm glad none shushed me hahah

    too many to choose and buy from my first visit omg. so i can only write it down. looking forward to buy some soon! x

  9. ugh me too. this one was like across the city for me. gotta try the food court next! x

  10. i have friends who always seem to buy stuffs from there so i can relate hahah aww great dad! x

  11. had it been not because of the far distance i would definitely go there again and again! still dreaming about the meatballs *-* x

  12. aw thank you! i just couldn't help to take pics there! ah i never had gooseberry either. really gotta try it the next visit! x

  13. life is a shoe30/6/15 4:06 PM

    oh wow this Ikea is Ginormous! SO many nice things!



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