april, as presented by this potato
// so i failed to watch fast and furious, but i compensated myself by watching avengers: age of ultron twice. t w i c e. review coming soon but i guess by the amount of watching (and such shit-eating grin above), you can tell that i enjoyed it, right?

// the long radio silence got me thinking a lot. mostly in terms of family and relationship. it amazed me somehow that by not saying anything and basically shutting my world from any interaction unless the necessary ones could reveal so much of those who still stay around you despite whatever, those who only come to you when they need you, those who only use you, etc. wow, i need to do this more often.

// i made a mental note to go outside of the city (or just wander someplace new, far from concrete jungle) at least once a month. the recent trip to bogor made me realize that despite how much i said to myself that i didn't need such recharging activity with short trip, my body, mind, and soul need it. let's make plans!

// so i finished season one of arrow and currently watching the flash. both are equally awesome. i might going to start digging more dc comics in the future.

// i finished daredevil on netflix! it's so so good i'm going to cry ehmehgerd. i remember just a week ago i was such a repudiate bitch against the idea of watching it. but then out of boredom i started to watch it. the next thing i know, i finished the whole 13 eps in four days. such a great reminiscence of the raid. and that old boy reference on 2nd eps? major win. i'm having my second rerun now. everything is so badass and painful and oh my god so good it hurts to my core. go watch it if you haven't or still contemplating. do it now.

hope everyone's may will be awesome!

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  1. Minjung Lee1/5/15 8:47 AM

    I didnt watch fast furious even avengers too. So sad. I dont have a time to watch it.

    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know if you want.
    I will follow you back after it.
    Thank you!!~

  2. I guess I'll be waiting for the torrents of those 2 movies. Cinema is too far from here XD
    I love your outer wear tho, are those like sailor inspired? I have one on my wishlist but I just bought new phone so im totemo broke lol

  3. Sigh I am so behind on movies and TV shows out right now haha. I just saw your Bogor post, it looks beautiful! It is good to change the scenery from time to time.

  4. I really enjoyed Fast and the Furious - hope you get to watch it soon! Hopefully I can go watch Avengers this weekend :) xx


  5. AHHH I so need to watch it - going this weekend


  6. aw, sad to hear that. make sure you'll grab the blu-ray copy once it launched. it really is worth it x

  7. aw sorry to hear that. we kinda have so many cinemas around. you should come here. and it's really cheap too. less that EUR3 for weekdays :D

    my outer was sailor-inspired cardigan! i'll try to take clearer pic once i can. somewhat present from my step-cousin hehe oh new phone. i think i need one too sighs x

  8. no worries, me too! i haven't catch up with game of thrones and bates motel. super late /sighs

    i agree. we all need to change the scenery. looking for something new! and thank you x

  9. I KNOW RIGHT THOR IS SO COCKY AT TIMES YET SQUISHY AAAAAHH <3 me too omg. i really can't wait for ant-man and next year's captain america; civil war. bring on the phase 3! x

  10. go watch avengers aou soon! you'll love it x

  11. i know omg. they kind of being underrated for being on cw. i'm on my fifth eps of the flash. kind of surprised to see wentworth miller as captain cold! x

  12. yas yas yaaasss you'll like it! x

  13. Christopher Garcia11/5/15 7:28 PM

    Love him and the other guy from Prison Break as well. Prison Break vs Flash.

  14. Chris Evans got me real hyped while watching Avengers :") Haha. And also, Fast and Furious was so good, the tribute made it teary </3 by the way, i followed you on bloglovin hihi.


  15. Hahah Avengers was awesome! Totally wouldn't mind watching it twice.

    Tried watching Arrow, got bored after the first few episodes. :( Does it ever pick up?

  16. i was watching with a friend and we both drooled over different chris! hahah glad you liked it too just like me x

  17. it's worth to watch over and over again. totally getting the blu-ray!

    i know it's so slow :( my suggestion is to watch the first two season. it really picked up. also you can see some appearance from barry allen a.k.a the flash :D x


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