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the long radio silence this time sponsored by the broken laptop and the broken work pc. i already have two posts in the draft but because i couldn't edit my photos, i couldn't post them. bad news aside, i'm back with new post for spaces i love! been on the low radar lately but i've pinned some beautiful spaces in my pinterest for future posts. can't wait to share them with you!

i'm a sucker for studio type. i see a room without partitions as comforting and open (there's this theory of blood type o people as the one with many locks on the door yet open to one huge room without any partition. well, i kinda can relate). i always dream to have one studio for me to work in, a huge open space with little nook on the side by the window to rest for a while, and big long table to lay things out and do all the DIY's on. this studio of a pair and a spare has everything i want and need! i like how geneva also showcase her DIY and put it to use. and bits of green in concrete jungle added nice refreshing touch.

things i love:
// the whole DIY spirit that literally build this space. from the hanging rope shelves to sturdy table with concrete block as legs. everything seems so buildable and i think, you can make your own version of this studio at home!
// the black and white rug. i covet!
// the bare ceiling gave the studio some kind of raw touch but also keep it polished with white paint.

for more pictures and video, heads on to the post! what do you like from this space?

*photos courtesy of a pair and a spare.

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  1. I love the table and black chairs. The chairs actually look comfy, which is important ^_^

  2. These would be such fantastic places to call work - they're pretty inspiring office spaces for sure! Glad your computers are better. Since I had some time off from blogging, I've struggled to get back to posting 2x a week but I'm actually not too bothered - sometimes a laid back approach to blogging is far more inspiring and better for content. Anyways, glad you're back!

  3. Ah too bad about the broken laptop. This is a nice place, although I'm not sure if any space of mine would ever stay that neat for long haha.

  4. Arden Rubens27/5/15 9:28 PM

    Such amazing spaces! xx


  5. I FEEL U. that struggle of "must-keep-clean-at-all cost!" yet "i'm too tired pls i'll just throw it here and clean it later" haha x

  6. so so pretty. i forgot to mention that i'm a sucker for natural lighting. big windows are my weakness.

    glad you're back and blogging too! hopefully i can post more now that my laptop is working okay x

  7. oohh yes yes. the chairs are handsome too x


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