title: minions
country: united states
director: kyle balda, pierre coffin
release date: june 17th, 2015
one of the perks of living in indonesia is you can see most blockbuster movies ahead of its release in some countries (thanks to the fight piracy policy). minions is one of them. i didn't go all the way to watch despicable me and despicable me 2 on the cinemas because i only enjoy the minions. so once i know that they finally have their own movie, i just have to watch that! oh, you don't want to hear me recite their dialogues from all three trailers. trust me. i watched them repeatedly over the months.

warning, review may contain spoiler.

the movie; i watched the movie twice in one weekend. all resulted in lower abdominal pain due to excessive laughing. all jokes (mostly slapstick) delivered nicely in all of its pg rating glory. the colors are vibrant. that tone of yellow is so cheerful. everything is made of what cartoon movie should be. also the languages used by the minions, so creative! polyglot people should love this.

the casts; gotta say i really love sandra bullock's voice. so sultry yet so evil! and the minions......... okay let's just say please deliver bob to my house because i want it so bad ;_; (gotta stop here or else this part will only contain me spazzing about minions omg)

the story; the premise is plain simple. minions travel the world --i quote it-- to find the biggest, baddest villain to serve. i really like the way they try to incorporate the history in it. twisting famous tales with a touch of minions. brilliant. somehow i kind of feel a wee tinge of disappointment in 5/6 part of the movie because the action seems to go downhill. but they managed to close the film nicely. gotta love the credit title animation!

the fashion; i find it cute that we can see minions in different style such as troops, ancient, vampire, etc. and when they finally wear the iconic denim overall, it's just cute cute cute! also i have to say that i dig scarlet and herb's style. i can picture many women dressing as scarlet in the upcoming halloween already! and herb's suit is just dashing!

overall; a nicely executed family movie. i'm so pleased to watch this movie in cinemas in which i can laugh along with the audiences over minions' antics and let my imagination run wild over what those yellow blobs were saying. did it meet my expectations? gotta say so. did i enjoy it? very! grab your ticket and watch it now!

rating; 7.3 out of 10

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  1. I didn't know you love minions so much ahaha
    they are all the craze here too XD

    But really, who can resist their charm?? I'd be sure to watch this when the digital version release :D

  2. Omgosh can't wait to watch this!!! Doesn't come out here in the US until next week :) x


  3. Very cute, I may go see it this weekend!

    xx Falasha

    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

  4. Im going to see it with the kids next Week!!

  5. so cute! http://alovelystyle.blogspot.co.uk/

  6. Would love to check it out with my son, but he's too small for watching movies! ;-DD

    xxx Ira

  7. Thanks for sharing! xo


  8. I love to laugh! Sounds so cute. Have a great week!

    xo, Bry


  9. Hmmm I haven't been able to get into the hype around Minions! But I watched the trailer just now and it looks fun, haha.


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