Of Discovered And Looking Forward

missing the beach and its glorious wave
things i recently discovered..

// this blog is getting more and more monotone day by day. it's not my intention at all. it's just that my daily activities are also getting boring and monotonous. i guess i really need holiday.

// bought my first nyx soft matte lip cream in monte carlo and it looks so good on my dark lips, i can't even?? i popped my nyx cherry with a great acquisition! honestly i've tried many shades and not much that can cover my dark lips. i bought monte carlo out of the blue and i'm loving it! my kind of red! anyone wants a review? (maybe along with some lippies collection i have. still need to master that flatlay shot tho)

things i looking forward to..

// speaking of holiday, there's another office outing plan for the next month and we'll be going to another lovely beach this time! things are still under discussion so i couldn't disclose much but fingers crossed we'll make it this time!

// eid holiday! just because i can take a break from work hahaha i'm going to enjoy this empty city so much.

hope y'all have a great holiday or summer break! i'm going to revisit some old movies in the meantime. and i seriously can't wait for ant-man!


  1. Akiko Hiramatsu17/7/15 9:01 AM

    Such a so so beautiful photo..!
    Have a lovely weekend♡


  2. Lovely photo! Hope you are revitalized and inspired again very soon <3


  3. Definitely go a review! Sounds like you have some fun holidays to look forward to.

  4. That's a lovely picture - Oh the beach! I'd love to return and just chill on one for a few days. I need a break too x

  5. We all need holidays, I hope you're having fun away from boring routines!



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