Spaces I Love 03

panorama house by moon hoon
i suppose there's always that childish side within everyone. that playful, less-serious, let's have some fun in daily basis. so do i. growing up, i want a two-story house, one for public, one floor above for privacy, preferably with firefighter pole or slide! come on, surely i'm not the only one dreaming to have a slide inside the house?? imagine all the fun you'll have with your kids, even if you're the adult one. a friend of mine once joked he'll fill the lower floor with water just for the sake of poolhouse fun (please don't try that at home. and yes, punpunpunpun!!!)

i stumbled into this beautiful architecture in south korea longtime ago. admiring how the architect could blend staircases, slide, and bookshelves so neatly in the house without sacrificing space. as seen with the bedroom-adjacent-study room just underneath. from the top of the slide, you can also see window to a small living room. screen for movie projector almost hidden in sight for movie night. isn't it just a winner?

"the key was coming up with a multi-functional spaces. the multi-use stair and slide space brings much active energy to the house. not only children, but also grown-ups love the slide staircase," says moon hoon, architect of panorama house.

things i love:
// the slide! i'm dying to try. looks small for adult though.
// the bookshelves lined with the stairs. that's what i call neat. i already imagine lines of my comic books being displayed there.
// the maximum usage of narrow sides yet long facade. perfect for tight space or if you have a property in the hill. by that, you can see amazing view from everywhere in the house.
// that facade! the design makes it somehow look 3D!

what do you like from this house?

photos by huh juneul. as seen at dezeen.

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