A Look at the Sky

filler post. sorta
photo taken sometime ago when i was (finally) making trip to major street in jakarta, gatot soebroto (equivalent to new york's wall street). working in a less hectic region of jakarta have made me used to less traffic, less time to commute from work, and so on. but one day, having an appointment in such business region in jakarta made me have to commute there.

guess what, all those traffic jam made me crazy. i barely cannot stand 1,5 hour to commute to work, let alone all those long traffic jam since 6 am in the morning that my friends from outer jakarta have to face everywhere on their way to work. kudos and props, but i am so done.

somewhere while waiting for the bus, i snapped this photo. trying to avoid the long march of various vehicles on the street, i look at the sky. 

in other note, a bingsoo would be nice.

other things:
finally an iphone i covet after 5s
seeing kim kardashian in (sorta) new light
that blanket of snow, tho. also photo goals with the torii
missing those young, innocent days
more like a guide to dreamland
things you'll only see on streets of jakarta. i swear i can attest to 70% of that. not that this city is weird, it's just different lol
it just hits too close to home

have a great weekend, everyone!

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