August Moments

august in a nutshell -- sort of
august was hectic. no doubt. i briefly caught my breath and, bam! it's september already. time is passing too fast. so here's what's august have been to me.

it's a little after ramadhan and it's time for the weddings! syawal, the month after, has been to be known as the good month to hold the marriage. so far i've been attending three weddings in july-august. everything's been lovely and nice and full of happiness! managed to meet some of the old friends and ex-coworkers during the events. just amazing. judging from the bunch of invitations i just got, seems like the wedding march won't slow down anytime soon.

that. godly. masterpiece. how do i even start? tvxq released their special album in mid-july and it's all sorts of wonderful. all the classic sounds along with some edm tunes are just perfect. been in my heavy playlist since then.

also, august was the month of me catching up with some old friends. be it on the weddings, or some simple meetups. and never enough. being the pack of hectic people we are, not to mention some have been lived someplace far, it's pretty hard to find time in which we can gather together just for some catch up session. but i'm glad we managed to meet in august. looking forward to more meetings and catch ups in september!

how's your august?

p. s. i swear my duckface is unintentional! sorry for that ._.

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