Jak-Japan Matsuri 2015



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sept 13th, jak-japan matsuri 2015
it's been a while. coming to japanese event like this always reminded me of my childhood and youth. days filled with getting home quickly after school and woke up early sunday morning to watch all the animes. also days of me trying to memorize and understand my favorite bands' lyrics, which made me decide to pursue degree in japanese literature.

looking back, it seems like such a distant past.

every time going to see matsuri, i felt like transported back to my younger years. time stopped and things going on just okay. an escapade in form of another culture. i can just sit at the pavement, eating takoyaki, listening to cover band music, and all my troubles seem so far away. no worries at all.

maybe i left my innocence there. in this period of time where the only thing i worried about is how to wake up early to watch sunday morning cartoon.

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