Crimson Peak

title: crimson peak
country: united states
director: guillermo del toro
release date: october 16th, 2015 (imdb link)
i never really thought that it's actually hard to keep up with my promise to myself, which is to review every movies i watched this year. be it new or revisited ones. truthfully, i watch quite a lot of movies in a week, given my job. not to mention some movies i watch on tv during midnight. but i guess i'll just do my best to review everything. be it sooner, or later.

got time to watch this work of art (more on that later) just last sunday. three of us, all woman, along with countable number of audiences in the studio, bravely sitting for the movie. not knowing the horror which would greet us in the next two hours...

warning, review may contain spoiler.

the movie; this movie got me queasy all over due to the score, which amazingly amplified the thrill, and the shock it induced by the sudden appearance of ghosts in their gore glory here and there. not much if you're a horror fan. but if you're like me, who is easily curious yet unprepared for creepy stuffs, might think all of the visualizations are scary. in other note, the cinematography is beautiful. hauntingly beautiful. classic golden age yet ethereal. if you love literature, you'd love this movie. it has a slight resemblance with jane eyre --also played by mia wasikowska.

the casts; shamelessly raising my hand whenever people ask who come to watch it because of tom hiddleston. i'm such a sucker for him??? also charlie hunnam which is so much of an eye candy (i dislike his hair here though). mia, oh, mia. what should i say about you? you're kind of stuck playing this type of character --damsel in distress woman who halfway turned into the brave heroine of her own story-- do you? jessica chastain is almost unrecognizable and her performance was stellar. i have this thought that she built the movie herself. but the other casts also delivered enjoyable convincing performances. and it's also nice to see pacific rim alumni, charlie hunnam and burn gorman.

the story; edith cushing (played by mia) defined it, "it's not a ghost story, but it's a story with ghosts in it." at a glance, it might seem like a ghost story. but it's rather not. it's a story which the ghosts played important part in it. ghost is metaphor of the past, the memory that tied the living with who they become. the key to unlock the story. one lovesick daughter finding solace upon the death of her father in the arms of a mysterious man. come to a faraway red blooded land into a daunting rotten house with dark past. things got darker towards the end. the visualizations might came a little disturbing but brave through. it's beautiful. too beautiful to look away. wrapped in amazingly well-written story. well done, del toro.

the fashion + setting; "i'm so doomed." i whispered to myself on the beginning of the movie. edith in white long gown with long curly blonde hair soaked in blood. aesthetics. all of her dresses are beautiful golden age flared and flowy dresses here and there. accompanied by numbers of men in sharp coats and tuxedos. all those curly and wavy hairstyles are love. the sharpe's manor is also wonderfully made. the house bleeds, breathes, and remembers.

overall; if you're a literature fan who would love to go to watch a well crafted movie as if it pops out of the book page, this one's for you. i almost have no objection to this movie other than it marathoned my heart out and mia's somewhat bland acting. it's beautiful and haunting.

rating; 8 out of 10

oh the three of us came out of the studio in gasps. the movie wrought us out due to it's extensive sudden in-your-face ghosts appearance. most of the audiences too haha (cue i didn't sign up for this!)

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