Fat Belly Indonesia Food Truck Parade

braving the storm for this shit. 200% worth it

i'm a sucker for food truck event. mainly because i've been hooked by this heavensent delicacy. but last sunday i was in the mood for trying something new so i opt for these cute black buns.

it was windy as hell when i arrived by afternoon. practically holding on for the sake of my little body to their truck. it was horrid. but slowed down as the night approaching. sadly it was quite empty. as if not many people knew that there was food truck event just the outside of the mall.

i ordered brand me. black buns with chicken strip and mushroom glazed in special fat belly sauce. it was heaven. so much heaven. for around $4 you get what you paid and so much more. the strip is crunchy yet soft inside. well done. the mushroom were fresh and the sauce is too yummy for words. the buns were somewhat too dry (i somewhat thought it's common for black buns?) and i wish they'd roast them for a while. but damn i'm so going to order for other stuffs. they have bacon!!!!

note: about the black buns, they mixed the dough with bamboo charcoal so they have black color. same with colored noodles and pastries, but it rather contributes nothing for the taste.

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