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definitely been a while
november was weird. it started off jolly and ended up abruptly with a bad news. my baby bro just had his birthday on 1st and we gathered with a box of pizza and coke along with long movie marathon. it was really nice. after he got his job awhile ago we haven't had time to sit together and just talk. mostly we arrived home exhausted and sleep without even saying good nights.

the rest of november went pretty smooth. except that i fell terribly ill on third week due to the change of weather and headache. also one day that contained all series of bad luck (super shitty).

last week, dad's sister passed away. i have kind of mixed feelings for her. she's my least favorite person in the entire family. she used to badmouth me a lot. saying things about me i never ever done or judging me by how sloppy i lived back then (still is. infp problems). but she's the mom of my favorite cousin in which we basically unseparated during childhood. i politely declined invitation to the burial ceremony. dad went there.

although i feel nothing on her death, i still found myself sent some prayers. maybe it'll heal my relationship with her. i don't know.

i'm not anyone's favorite and i don't like to mingle with my big family. maybe my death someday will bring this kind of feeling on my nephews and nieces. i just hope they'll be nice enough to send me prayers.

why am i so hopeful.

anyway, those cute cute star wars lego is an installment i saw when i'm going out last sunday. they're just really cute and i think i'll just drop them here. sorry if i have to accompany such cute stuffs with gloomy post. hopefully this last month of the year going to be a better one. i'm going to have vacation after christmas! can't wait! x

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