borobudur. revisited
i figured posting about borobudur first would make me feel less guilty about the delayed backpacking post. seriously, where the hell i've been? january passed almost too quickly.

about borobudur, i remember myself staring at the greenery from the very top of the temple, thinking, maybe the elders built borobudur for a place to gather together while looking and surrounded by everything beautiful. i wonder if the workers once stopped to soak in such overwhelmingly lovely scenery.

i'm kind of jealous now haha

we went there on sunday and it's as if tourists decided to flood this place. ugh, so much for long holidays. but most of them are okay. the queue is better now that everything is more technologically-operated. the surroundings are more preserved than when i went there on the '90s. also it's nice to see some boyscouts and girlscouts helping the tourists. all in all, it was really nice. except the super long long way to the exit. it was more tiring than the climb to the top.

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