Forgotten Reviews of 2015

those forgotten movies i forgot to review
i did watch many movies back then in 2015 but not much of them made the cut to be reviewed here. mostly because i'm too lazy lol. so here's quick recap of them.

*in no particular order

Tomorrowland: i was fallen asleep while watching!! i don't know if it's due to the boring plot or i woke up super early to watch it. it's just not worth all the wait i've been doing since the trailer came out. it's pretty much a mess. maybe i want to rewatch it again. george clooney ended up being the only savior of the movie (because if it's not him i would've left the studio already). 7/10

The Gunman: someone please tell sean penn that his effort in trying to pull liam neeson just didn't work here. and the love story feels forced. all meat but no taste. even idris elba was pretty bland. 6/10

Blackhat: another disappointment. chris hemsworth came a long way to jakarta to shoot this two years ago (he went to a famous mall in the town but i didn't catch him) and based on some fanaccounts he's super nice. but the movie fell short. if it's not for him and wang lee hom (my crush from high school era, mind you), i wouldn't bother to watch this movie. also please stop making my lovely jakarta looks super scum-ish. 6.2/10

Avengers: Age of Ultron: i think most marvel trash would agree that AOU was pretty disappointing. or were we hoped too much from the super successful first movie? not really. it was a combination of inaccurate portrayal and unfaithful story to the comic which led to a mishmash story. and brucenat, although it was somewhat a nod to first movie, it made black widow such an underwhelming character. also there's a discrepancy of captain america's characters here. things just weren't added up for me. 7/10

Ant-man: now this is the winner from marvel this year. hands down the best intro movie of superhero ever delivered by marvel after guardians of the galaxy in my opinion. it's fun, it's light, it offers discussion, and put me in whole new respect for ants. i totally don't look at them the same way after i saw this movie. and the father-daughter story (stories?) are just beautiful. i love it. 8/10

Jurassic World: the only thing bothered me was the scene of bryce dallas howard running through the park with high heels. fuck it #movielogic and indominus rex? really? the name is super cringe-worthy because it resembles name of instant noodle brand in my country lmao despite so, chris pratt played his role in all his goofy yet dreamy glory. i love the story and suspense (damn heart-racing! that's my kind of sport!). props. 7.8/10

Point Break: it's the 2015 remake. i kind of remember how the old movie was back when i was little. despite the extreme sports galore amazing camera work, the story is super boring and left many loopholes. visually entertaining but not more than that. 6/10

Inside Out: 10/10 don't believe that this supposed to be a kids movie. dad watched this with me once and he said "that's definitely not for kids." emotion is a complex thing but i think pixar translated it beautifully. amazing. i love it eventhough it's not a movie i'd watch over and over again. and i think joy is annoying. 7.8/10

Mr. Holmes: a friend offered me to watch this because he knows i'm a sucker for ian mckellen. ian mckellen + holmes is such a match made in heaven. i do think that holmes in his old age would resemble him so much. the movie was beautifully done and everything connected at the very end. to see such skeptical and antisocial holmes finally open his heart and world to others. it's such a warm movie. one of my favorite this year. 7.5/10

Self/Less: i owe tarsem singh for introducing me to lee pace. had he not casted lee pace on the fall, i'd never know such glorious face ever exist. thus why, i came to see the film. whilst the idea of moving consciousness to a new body is interesting, the execution fell below expectation. it was okay. but for a filmmaker like tarsem, the film was a disappointment. 6.5/10

Man from U.N.C.L.E: came for henry cavill, stayed for armie hammer. it's so cute to see armie being such an awkward man! the story was good and twistedly entertaining. eventhough the movie was like mixture of everything awkward, guy ritchie showed his amazing skill in directing to make it such an enjoyable movie. the fashion though, insanely good. 7.5/10

// not movies but i guess i'll throw them in because noteworthy.

Daredevil: i resisted to watch the whole episodes for weeks but when i gave in, boy, it was the best decision ever. it's raw, dark, gloomy, grey areas galore! now i have this soft spot for charlie cox. he's so precious and i can't wait for second season this year! 7.5/10

Jessica Jones: finally some spotlight for krysten ritter! she's been the main character's friend for the longest time and her stint in "don't trust the b in apartment 23" had been a very short run. i love that she channeled her dark side in jessica jones. the series however, is very intriguing and feminist. i love that it can touch all sorts of the taboo sides like rape, assault, ptsd, lesbian, victim blaming, and sorts. although i prefer daredevil more, the series always left me having discussion with myself about society. i love it. 7.2/10

how about you? do you have any particular movie you love last year?

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