June Beauty Stuffs


why does it take me a while to post about beauty stuff, seriously. regardless how much of a beauty enthusiast i am, to actually post anything about beauty always give me chills. mainly because of my lack of knowledge and how horrible my current skin condition right now. (not exactly horrid but the complexion kinda icked me off. nothing a good foundation a shade lighter couldn't solve) but yeah, one step at a time.

Hada Labo Shirojyun Starter Pack

got this from ennichisai i attended last month. there's something compact about skincare starter pack that i love. i've been using the toner for years. whilst i don't think the whole starter pack done anything to make my face look brighter and lighter, it's very hydrating and my face felt a lot smoother so they're still a win. i don't think i'd use it again but i do keep the full-size toner for hotter days.

Hakubi White C Gel

another one from ennichisai. kinda smitten by the marketing plus they sold it at 40% off so why not? it said to be brightening but i haven't felt that yet even though it's been a month of usage. but i do notice that it makes my zits dry quickly without any marks, especially when i'm on pms. so i think that's a plus. also, it's very lightweight. i like it.

ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder in St. Lucia

i've been wanting to get a bronzer for the longest of time because i noticed my face looks flat as fuck even when i already apply blush on. i opted for this one because it's cheap and i think it'd be a safe bet because i can actually build the intensity so that it wouldn't get too dark. it turned out well! i love that the blush color is more of a subtle highlight for me. i can see myself wearing it often even for work.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in Mellow Wine

i just realized i don't have pink blush??? what in the world??? after some quick swatches at nearby watsons i decided to pick this one up. when applied to cheeks it can be quite horrifying so keep your hand light. but the color is so good moreover to people with a darker complexion. a tinge of deep pink which kinda looks as if i just had a good run (while my actual form of exercise is walking 10 minutes to the nearby bus stop).

ELF Studio Crease Brush

i never really do any eye makeup aside of good winged eyeliner and mascara. but i do save some neutral eyeshadow palettes for a special occasion. i only have one short shader brush from my late mom so i opted to buy this one. i haven't really tried it yet but the bristles are so soft and it looks pricey. question, do you use the new brush just that or do you tend to wash it first?

Laneige BB Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++ in shade 31 Chocolate Beige

a.k.a the one that made me broke but oh-so-worth-it. i think it'd be great for the long run because i get a refill. some said both could last up to ten months, which to me, sounds like a year without worrying to buy foundation anymore! it's very light without feeling greasy, and great for a day out. i don't have any dry patches using it. it gets shiny in five hours or so but nothing a good dust of powder couldn't solve. although it's kinda monstrous in size, it's very compact and sturdy. nothing but love and praise. i kinda want to try the pore control one since it's been said so much better.

i changed the layout! i bought it sometime ago but never actually have the guts to change because i'm digging my previous self-made layout but i can get used to this. i hope your june will be awesome! my june is quite hectic because it's ramadhan and i'm fasting and i always feel like i never have enough sleep. anyone excited for finding dory as i am?

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