2016 Movies Reviewed, First Half

Figured this shit gotta start or my memory will fail me. Again. Movies are not in particular order. Old and new. I tried to find all of my movie tickets (stubs?) but most of them are probably somewhere in my room if not thrown away. Look how pristine Cap tickets are #priorities



So Marvel made it to R-rated zone and boy, it delivered. Huge props to Ryan Reynolds for trying to make it happen for eleven years. 11 years. Such a huge determination for a man that once stuck in worst superhero movie ever made. Deadpool is mixture of fun and sass and get the job done. The movie is fun although I'm not particularly too hyped about the character. I love it though. 8/10

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Putting two biggest superheroes with one equally amazing superhero and one awesome supervillain in a movie should be combination that worked, but why does it fail a lot? Probably due to a fact they stopped fighting because they shared same mother's name. And how the villain is super underutilized and came in the worst timing ever. However, this movie produced one of the best and memorable Batman performance to date. I love you Batfleck. Can't wait for your standalone movie! 6.8/10


A friend dragged me to watch this and it was the best spontaneous decision ever. A movie about stereotyping shouldn't be this fun but yet Disney made it. I love how it's subtly show us about what actually happened in the world but not in a serious tone but still effective. The twist is particularly amazing. And I can rave about Flash for long long time. Who doesn't love him and his slow-being? 7.7/10


Another movie starring Ryan Reynolds. I'd say it's........ interesting? Haven't really grasped the realm they're in and I kind of feel confused by everything so no rating. But I think the action sequences are fun. Somewhat heavily inspired by The Matrix. I need to have a second watch.

Captain America: Civil War

*heavy breathing* my heart still feel oddly tight whenever I mention this. Particularly because it explores the two dynamics which is essential to Cap, his relationship with Bucky Barnes and his relationship with Tony Stark, which made it an instant favorite of mine. There are much things that should've been better, like Cap's reasoning and how the actual war is more like a high school food battle instead of war (c'mon) but overall I love it. I feel like I should make a long post about how Cap became my fave Avenger in later time. Repeat after me, Tony Stark is not a villain, he just need a big hug. 8.4/10

Captain America: The First Avenger

So I had a major Cap marathon prior to Civil War and I noticed... this movie is so comical in many ways but also fun and entertaining. It's not the strongest Avenger debut but I love the way they set Steve Rogers' mindset and his origins. He just want to do things right despite his lackluster self. Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter will always be my favorite and probably this is my favorite Tommy Lee Jones' performance to date. Also: STUCKY!!! 7/10

X-Men: Apocalypse

Although I'm not an avid X-Men fan, whenever it's on theatre or TV I always try to make time to watch. Probably because I grew up watching its cartoon when I was little and it still stuck as a childhood memory. Whenever I watch any X-Men movie, I always have low expectation but I always managed to be blown away. My only qualm with this movie is too much Mystique. She managed to eat everyone's dynamics, including Apocalypse (and I was looking forward to see Oscar Isaac but bleh). I came for the struggle and all I get was too much Mystique who's not even Mystique in form. Jubilee is so underutilized I hate it. But Magneto was awesome. This movie solidified why Michael Fassbender is the perfect cast for him. He owned the role so much it hurts. 7.3/10

The Martian

A year late haha and I finally watched it because I just realized Sebastian Stan was in it #fail. It's as nice as I expected to be. I'm not particularly a fan of space movie but I think they did it beautifully. Matt Damon's performance is grippling yet fun. Astronaut is one role that's hard to portray but he made it believable. It's a nice captivating movie. I like this one better than Gravity. 8/10

Finding Dory

Dory was my favorite character in Finding Nemo. She looks so lost but determined to do the best, and boy, I feel like seeing myself on her. Watching her journey to meet her parents was a heartbreaking one. I'm not prepared to be that overwhelmed by emotion but I am half crying when she finally met her parents. Aside of the emo party, everything is as fun as Finding Nemo! With addition of lovely beluga and otters. OTTERS!!! I live for those two animals on screen, animated or not. People might find it fell short, but I love it. 8/10

Days of Heaven

Yeah that old movie of a very young Richard Gere (which strangely looks like James Franco) and regarded as one of monumental movie of the century (or ever made).I can see why. It sets the tone and cinematography for many movies to come (even to this day) eventhough the story was a bit so-so. I kind of recommend it but if you're finding movie with faster pace, this might not the one for you. 7/10

Iron Man

Ah the one that started it all. Revisiting it almost feel magical and it was as good as I remembered. I wish most Marvel movies would stay in smaller scale like this (see: Ant-man) because this is what apparently they did best (this is why Thor movies are slightly off but I'm excited for Ragnarok nonetheless). I do think that Tony's PTSD started all the way back in Afghanistan instead of New York because here you can see himself crumbles and reached boiling point in Civil War. I still don't have guts to watch the whole MCU movies in one go but this might be a start. 7.8/10

The Shining

Do you know this is the movie I've been avoided for years just because I accidentally saw my dad watching the infamous bloody hallway scene on his laptop when I was in elementary? That shit traumatized my mind for lord knows how long. One day, there it was. Sitting in my work folder, waiting to be worked on. And my cherry popped. Still scary, still traumatizing, but hell wasn't the cinematography wonderful? All those symmetries and gorgeous colors and iconic shots. I love it. Still scared me up though. 8/10


That's.... not much. Probably because I didn't make comprehensive (if not ambitious) list this time so some of them kind of slipped away from my brain. Just watching whatever I laid my eyes on. So how's your cinematic progress? Slowpoke or Deoxys? (lol I made a Pokemon pun) I can't wait to see Star Trek: Beyond and Ghostbusters by the end of this month. Also Suicide Squad and Doctor Strange! Bring them on!

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