In case you're done staring at the gorgeousness which are two postcards of Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes above, please proceed to the post. I know, they're sooo distracting.

// I've suffered from trouble sleeping after ramadhan (fasting month) is over. It's either I sleep for three hours then awake on 2am or no sleep at all (mostly the latter happens). It's so bad to the point I considered to take sleeping pills. It's been pretty okay lately since I found the way to sleep early and stay sleeping. But I don't know how long it would last. Fingers crossed it'd work for long long time. Kind of miss being a night owl though.

// I didn't meet as many person as I want to. Particularly because the first point really affected my health and everyday living. Thus affected my emotion and state of mind. I managed to meet some people and family members who've been lost contact for a while. It's nice.

// And I went to comic frontier by the end of the month with a friend then meet some friends there. It's my first comic/manga/doujinshi/fanartist related event and it's so nice. There were so many people but things were organized nicely. I managed to buy captain america keychains and postcards just for the fun of it haha (look at chubby black panther tho!). And I just realized I met Dea twice in July omg

Note to self: stop making duckface it's so 2012 (But it's a good way to conceal my tired sleepy eyes!!!)

// I didn't buy much, surprisingly. Mainly because I don't really want to pile anything and left them to gather dust. But I popped my colourpop cherry with grunge lippie stix. It should be brown with a hint of plum but it turned out to be mauve on me. Meh. Surprisingly people said it looks pretty natural and I look good. So I'll just keep it for days I'm digging neutral makeup. Also I bought my own birthday bear just because it's one of the rare bear apparently? Gotta dig through the stacks for that cutie but it's nice. Although I'm not too fond of my birthday anymore (because almost no one remembers).

Edit: As seen on the bear, my birthday is on February 16th. Not this August or sometime sooner in this year.

// Only managed to watch Star Trek this month. Boo. But I love it. It's bittersweet, nostalgic, and fun. Probably because I subbed quite a lot of its TV episodes awhile back and due to the fact that I grew up with the crew in the confinement of my living room with mom and dad. Going to watch Ghostbusters and Jason Bourne soon!

// New layout courtesy of Labina Studio. Gotta tweak it a bit so that it supports dropdown navigation. Labina has been super helpful and nice so here's a little shout out!

// Note for next month is to take care of my health better. I have an unusually large appetite nowadays so I hope I can gain weight a bit??? But I wouldn't count on it because once my period starts I usually eat less haha. Also I wish to go out of town by August just to clear my mind. This baggage have been too much to bear lately.

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