Aug 9, 2016

Let's Talk Brows
Let's talk about those bushy, caterpillars above your eyes, shall we?

Before we start the whole thing, I have huge confession about brows to make.
1. I didn't really get into it until late 2013.
2. I overplucked too many times (still do!)
3. I never leave the house without doing my eyebrows..
4. I still don't embrace my actual brow shape.
5. I love bold, dramatic brows.

My brows weren't that bad, originally. It's just that they were thinner to the end, as if i only have a square of eyebrows. Ugh. And only after I realize that good brows made you look bajillion times better, I started to pluck and shape them. After many trials and errors and tutorials, I came to this eyebrow shape and grooming ritual I have right now and kept it since.

Some tutorials I sworn by:
// Into The Gloss - Five Steps To Perfect Eyebrows also Not-So-Basic Brows, A Tutorial (I use both since they were posted to now. Helped this n00b a lot. I'd hug everyone in ITG for these posts)
// Into The Gloss - How to Fill In Eyebrows by Anna Speckhart (complete with video. basically what I did with my brows but mine is more arched. Great of you have feathery brows)
// Tina Yong - How to Shape & Groom Eyebrows at Home (I followed this religiously)

Having good shaped eyebrows save you whole lotta time to shape it. Or best, close to no shaping! As I'm not into my actual brow shape, basically I define my brows and making them look bolder but not close to Instagram brows. Ja feel? I also shape them with little arch to make my face look more awake.. How do I fill and draw them? Lo' and behold. A (shitty) tutorial by derpface yours truly.

What you'll need:
- an eyebrow pencil (preferably the triangle shaped one)
- spoolie
- cotton bud

(I'm using The Face Shop designing eyebrow in dark brown, ordinary cotton bud)
1. Using spoolie, start by combing the brows following its growth
2. Align the pencil touching the end of the right/left side of your nose and your eye. Mark it. This will be the ideal end of your eyebrows.
3. Align the pencil touching the end of the right/left side of your nose and the furthest end of your iris. Mark it. This will be the highest arch of your eyebrows.
4. Connect the mark on the highest arch to the mark on the end of your brows. Follow your hair strands.
5. Make a straight line below, starting from the thickest hair of the start of your eyebrows. Connect the line to the point below your highest arch. Start it from where the hair grows together, not the very first strand of hair on the very start. Do it in short strokes instead of one straight line if you afraid it won't look natural.
6. Make a straight line above, again, starting from the thickest hair of the start of your eyebrows. Connect the line to the mark you made on the highest arch.
7. Align the pencil to your eyebrows and start filling/coloring them starting from where the hair grows together to the end, following the growth direction. This is why I chose triangle shaped pencil. It's easier to fill with. Do it with light hand.
8. Same to #7 but do light strokes on the very first strands of hair. Do it upwards.
9. Comb the hair to the opposite of its growth. Comb the start to arch downwards while arch to end upwards.
10. Once #9 done, comb the hair following its growth. Comb the start to arch upwards while arch to end downwards. This will blend the color and make your brows look thicker. The key is in these two process!

11. Using cotton bud, wipe all the remaining unwanted marks. Softly, gently.
12. Using cotton bud, blend the very start of the brows so that they'll seem lighter and make a nice transition from skin to hair. Look natural!
13. Look at the mirror and admire your work of art.

A before-after:
I know those steps are far from simple. I've been through so many trial and error, attempted too many eyebrow styles until I found out what looks great on me. Once you mastered them, you'll need less than 5 mins to fill them and you're good to go!

If those tutorials seem intimidating for you, try brow tint. I love it. It's great for quick dash especially for people with nicely shaped brows (also if you need to match your hair with your brows) or just need something to thicken them up. Also I think you couldn't go wrong with combo of dark hair and lighter brows. Both adds so much drama and great for daily look!

Some recommended products:
- The Face Shop designing eyebrow. The new formula is d o p e. Not too waxy but stays longer. First tool I use for my brows.
- Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer. Same formula as the above, I guess. Because I tried it once and they're kind of the same.
- NYX Micro Brow Pencil
- NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder. For you who want more natural looking brows.

I've been wanting to share my brow-shaping regime for quite a while. While I'm still very far from professional and having ideal brows, but I want to keep this blog as honest and as true to myself. And one of those topics that are close to my heart is brows! Now tell me. How do you shape your brows? Do you also pluck and trim? Or wax? Or keep them untouched? Would love to hear from you!

(p.s my makeup is close to a disaster in the photos. sorry! and no, i don't use skimlinks)

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