To sum up August: rough. Too many high expectation to be let down, again. Warning: long post ahead.

// I talked about my sleeping problem in July post. Fast forward a month, I'm doing better. Well, I don't want to jinx at it but at least I sleep better throughout August. Although it's been getting kind of screwed up lately. But I learned that my ideal sleeping hours was 7-8 hours. Not more or less. Also I learned that I should fall asleep at least by 21.30 to reach deep sleep.

To read: My Bedroom, My Happy Place by Wit & Delight.

// Do you ever feel like your feeling being so invalidated? Eventhough it's a normal one, like feeling disappointed, hurt, and people dismissed it as "it's all in your head"? August was the month full of that, which contributed to this awful feeling that yeah, probably I'm really that unimportant. My feelings aren't real, it's okay for people to do me wrong. I'm actually an idiot. Ja feel? Even as I type this down, I still feel really bad about being myself. I hope I could feel better as September goes by.

// I went to see Suicide Squad with Dea. Thankfully I had zero expectation and yeah it's kind of a let down. But Viola Davis and Margot Robbie were awesome. And Will Smith was bright. I also watch Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare which had a great premise but fell short on the execution. I fell asleep by the second half!

But I enjoyed some good movies in August, old and new. And finally watched Chris Evans' directorial debut in Before We Go. Romantic drama movies aren't my thing but I enjoyed it. Somewhat reminded me of early 2000s dramas, in which I used to watch back then (Maid in Manhattan and The Lake House are still my favorite, mind you). Also I rewatched Constantine! Ah, Keanu Reeves is always a bae. (Happy belated birthday, you lovely being!)

// I'm trying to save up for investment (work) bag. Purely because they'll last longer and definitely much cheaper than buying new one every 1-2 years. I'm not thinking of something pricey nor branded, as long as it'll last me several years (bonus if it could be pass down to my children). Already eyeing some (shameless plugging) but would love to hear your suggestion!

// I only purchased one beauty related stuff, which is Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II in travel size. I got Kiehl's night serum sample awhile ago and it does wonder on my skin. So I'd like to see how this Estee Lauder serum works. Be back in a month to see the result!

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Enjoyed a bowl of shaved ice with friends before watching Conan. It's been quite a while since I ate it.

I got my eyes on you:

I was intended to write September resolution but decided not to because: 1. I probably would jinx it, and 2. This post would've gone too long. Overall I'm wishing for a brighter September although some bumps would definitely happen along the way. Plus let me say thank you so much for the responses in my brows post. It's been fun to hear your stories!


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