So I Used Up Some Stuffs

Finally! My first ever empties! I love reading people's empties posts because they're just all sorts of trial and error. Mini reviews without being too technical yet get to the point. Without further ado, let's start.

Nivea Make Up Clear Micellar Water

Back to 5-10 years ago, Nivea was my first skincare products. I tried everything from them. Day cream, body lotion, facial wash, etc. And I came to a conclusion that their products just don't work for me and I found most of their stuff is just feeling greasy on my skin. Idk. Fast forward to 2016, I saw this micellar water and feeling curious so I decided to try. My experience with Garnier and Bioderma weren't too pleasing but I still gave it a go. NO RAGRETS. It does the job just well and removes everything away (except the waterproof ones). Also, it leaves me feeling refreshed so sometimes I use it as a toner. This bottle lasts me 3 months and I just started on my second bottle now. I still want to try for the sensitive skin one! Please come to Indonesia faster!

Nivea White Make Up Clear 2 in 1 Foam

After I cleaned my face with the micellar water, I wash my face with it. It's so soft and perfect for everyday use. It does the job well, also doesn't dry my skin which is a hugeee plus for people with dry skin. On my second tube now.

Nivea Body Lotion Intensive Moisture

It's nice! I immediately attracted to it because it says for the dry and very dry skin. It hydrates my skin just okay but I need something even more moisturizing. Currently trying the body serum one with SPF 25.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate Serum (sample)

I was being shameless and stepped inside Kiehl's asking for this specific sample haha but it's worth it! It hydrates my skin, erases my pimple scars (wut?), and leaves my skin looking more radiant in the morning. So so good. It took me a month to finish. I'm looking forward to buy the full-size bottle soon!

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (travel size)

Bought it solely because of curiosity since Kiehl's Midnight Serum did wonderful on me, only to be disappointed because it broke me out! I have many small zits which I never experienced with any night cream or serum before. It did hydrate my face and made my skin feel supple in the morning. But I think the breakout wasn't worth it. Maybe I'll give it another try after hitting 30s. Hoping the second time is the charm!

Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask

A friend half finished it and gave it to me because she's starting new skincare regime. I had too many bad experiences with Korean skincare but this one restored my faith. It's amazing. If I use it on new pimple every night, the pimple usually is gone in less than five days. Remarkable. It left no scar too! But it doesn't work on stone zits so boo. I'm sad I have to part with this. I'm going to repurchase but I want to try other brands first.

Hakubi White C Gel

Bought it back in Ennichisai. My face skin tone is somewhat a shade darker than my body so I'm always on a hunt for lightening cream. This one failed to do so because I feel close to no effect after using it for three months. However, it sped up my pimples to pop so it's not a complete dud. Won't repurchase though.

The Face Shop FACE It Cover BB Cream SPF 20 pa++ #02 Natural Beige

I haven't finished it but it's been sitting on my makeup desk for close to two years so it's time to say goodbye. It's so thick and has medium coverage. Usually, I let it sit on the back of my hand for a while to dissolve by my body heat and dot it on the center of my face to spread over later on. It became too light for me after I went tan so I ditched it ever since. Too thick and greasy! Not a fan and won't repurchase.

Laneige BB Cushion SPF 50 pa+++ #31 Chocolate Beige

I finished it after four months! I was really hanging on to its last drop (it really have become those dried up testers on the counter haha) and finally decide to replace with the refill. I. Love. It. Perfect for my dry skin and it gives off healthy dewy finish. Somewhat looks glowy on me. Couldn't cover my dark circles but it made my face tone similar with my body without looking as if I put on a heavy layer of foundation. I have to use it lightly though because I can look really white if I use it too much! Two pats on the cushion already enough for my whole face.


Anything you finished lately?

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