Short September recap because I never strongly feel related to Green Day's "Wake Me Up when September Ends" until this year. In short, my September was shitty. Like in IMDB rating of 3.6. A mix of bad luck and more disappointments. Really. I talked a bit and I just don't want to bother you with more gloomy stories so here's some good good stuffs.

// I chopped off my locks by 3 cms because they're dead dry despite my effort to restore them. So they have to go. And now I'm in long lob phase again! I hate it because it takes forever to grow them long but I like it because it makes me look neat and professional. I'll try to devote October to fix it up.

// My half-cousin got married to her bf of four years. It's weird because I'm the oldest in the line so I supposed to get married first but she totally outdid me by surprise haha it was nice seeing her walking down the aisle with her sweetheart. Best wishes :)

In other note, God, how I'd love to finally settle. 

// I didn't watch any movie at the cinema on September. SHOCKER. I know. But I watched some old movies at work and at home. Kind of a compensation. Also I started (re-)watching Once Upon a Time and Agents of SHIELD through phone streaming app. It's pretty hectic at work right now with the upcoming combos of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve, Lunar New Year, and Valentine. So things are kind of all over the place. But I'm glad being busy. It keeps me off from worrying things. Things I have no control over and shouldn't be worry on first place.

// I did some beauty purge to throw away some of unused stuffs. My first ever empties post is coming up soon! 

On the internet:
- Rediscovered Maddie's rebranded blog Whiskey Tango Flat White and honestly I can spend all day reading her posts. Check it out especially Is body positivity always positive?
- ANNA IS BACK Y'ALL. Now she blogs in This Last Moment. Her Brighton trip recap is lovely.
- 'Tis the season for berry lips. Check out Cindy and Faith's recommendations. (And Faith's makeup here? LADY VILLAIN APPROVED)
- Anyone do stretching to start the day? Rae and Vaida will convince you to start doing that.
- I can't stop reading Montgomery Fest, and their monthly wallpapers are so lovely!

Sushi lunch at work with cap. He became my only consolation when things get tougher, sometimes.

On this blog:
- Shitty August recap
- This September 27th marked 14 years of my mom passed. Still feeling heavy to talk about it but people's kind words soothed me up. Mom, I have nice nice internet friends here. Don't worry :) 

Ok, question, how's your September? When people starts with "Wake me up..." what's your response? "Before you go, go"? "Wake me up inside"? or "When September ends"?

(I'm team "Wake me up inside". Heh)
(And I may have to apologize because my photos here are shitty af)

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