A Thank You Note

This post was supposed to be up on Thanksgiving but I figured it's never too late to be grateful on things, right? Although 2016 is definitely a shitfest of a year, there are definitely stuffs I'd like to say thanks to. Here's some.


2016 seen my family gotten closer than before. A series of ups and downs brought our hands grip each other's tighter. There surely a miscommunication or two, but we pulled through. I can't wait to have a better year with all of you.


I'm still working on the job that I love and definitely comfortable on. This year is my fifth year became a subtitler and everyday I learned new things which made me grew. Office and workmates in general can be a pain in the ass. But I think the more I get to know the asshole-est side in people, the more I know that it's the kind of attitude I don't want to see myself do. Thus I'm grateful.


I met and lost so many friends this year. Met new ones, lost old ones. Some friends got married, some friends gave birth, some friends moved away, some friends moved closer. I saw themselves grow and found myself grew along. I'm thankful of those who stayed and those who left. It's been a wonderful time. Looking forward to have more amazing years with friends.


Gotten more inspired to blog by half of this year! Found so many adorable new blogs and array of amazing bloggers I've considered friends this year. Also found so many thought-provoking contents along with warm, heartfelt ones which made my days throughout the year. Everything definitely pushed me to write better and have no fear of posting things that's been dwelling in my mind (and draft) because I know there will be people who are willing to read or at least feel the same. Thank you.


2016 wasn't the best year but it definitely gave more lessons than its predecessors. I feel like I've explored so many new things out of my comfort zone solely because I got nothing to lose. "Turn down for what?" has been my motto this year. Despite there are so many opportunities slipped eventhough I've tried my best, I also feel like I have learned that I have no regret as long as I tried. I no longer have fear on doing things just because I think it's beyond my capability and status.


2016 been a healthy year in general! Three sickness in a year, in a month solely because of the change of weather so I think I've been handling my health well. Although my PMS and menstrual cramps have definitely gotten worse, nothing a good exercise and healthy eating can't fix. I've gotten into morning stretch these past months and I became much more energized plus less cranky in the morning (though I still need my coffee!). I do want to see myself a little more stress-free though.


It's a hard year to get by but I want to congratulate and be thankful to myself for successfully passing it through. Too many times I thought "This is my limit. I can't do it anymore." But my body and my mind are definitely stronger than my heart thought. They found ways to get by and still wake up in the morning, ready to face the world. I can't be grateful enough. Thank you, Self. You rock.

This is an open letter of BIG FLUFFY THANK YOU to everyone who read my blog to this day, who also thought of me as a blogging friend, who left comments and being lovely in general. Looking forward to bring you better contents next year. Loves ♡ Happy holidays, Y'all!


Anything you want to be grateful or thankful to?

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