Not So Sweet November

November was not a good month in particular. Too many downs. I'll spare you the detail so this recap would be mainly about photos. Also I believe I just lured you all with a cat photo. Sorry for that. But in other note, isn't it so cute? It came to me out of the blue while I was waiting for the bus, curling near my feet. I was so tempted to take it home! But in the end I backed out. Don't ask me about the regret. Ugh

Donburi at Lawson. Taken on November 4th, the same date with that infamous peace-turned-riot rally. It was eerily quiet in some areas. My neighborhood is already in the outskirt of Jakarta and it was rather peaceful. No traffic jam, even. I was pretty sad reading the news about those Muslims who shouted that they want the governor to be put in jail for one small mistake in which they did pretty much the same. It wasn't the Islam that I was taught. It wasn't the Islam that I grew up with. And it's just sad seeing people doing everything in the name of religion when it was actually twisted to suit their ideals.

McDonalds apple pie. Too nostalgic to be true. I remember vividly it was bigger when I was little though haha. Yet I can't recall the cinnamon to be so strong. #teamcrust all the way!

I was given this lollipop from a television channel just before the election. Should've took it as a premonition, really. A horrible one. Watching the horror unfold through Twitter was devastating. It's almost a month after the tragedy and I haven't fully grasped it yet. Also, can you believe it's almost a month? And already too many things happened since then? Fidel Castro passed away, Chapecoense's accident, another peace rally in Jakarta happened. Woah 2016 came in the speed of F1 car and destroyed everything in its track.

This lolli still left untouched and I haven't eat it until today. Probably should've ditch it by now. 

Another lovely news was I'm one of the most viewed writer in Quora on topic of Dr. Strange! *confetti* Only on the first week of November but it was a lovely surprise, really. This is actually kind of insignificant but this honestly pushed me to write more because I feel so appreciated. It feels nice to know many people actually saw my answers despite not voting. November was a wee bearable because of this surprise :)

(Now that I think of it, my photo is so pretentious *hides in a pocket*)

Dad. I posted this on father's day. I sent him a text exactly like my caption and he sent back a smiley emoji. I wish he replied longer though.

Movies I watched in November:
  • Room (Brie Larson's Oscar is well-deserved)
  • The Intern (why do I even put it on hold for so long? It was heartwarmingly perfect)
  • The Final Girl
  • Dark Skies
  • The Fifth Estate (major Cap reunion with Doctor Strange on the side?)
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  • The Seeker: Light and Dark
  • Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing
  • Harry Potter marathon
  • The Bodyguard (AND IIIIIIIIIII~~~)
  • Prisoners (long yet twisted. A bit draggy but Jake Gyllenhaal tho)
  • This Means War (Tom Hardy + Chris Pine + Reese Witherspoon? SIGN ME THE HECK UP)

Also finished Westworld(!) and small rewatch of K-drama On Air. I'm trying to start Stan Lee's Lucky Man. I lost count how many times I worked on World War II documentary on November. Too many e_e

Took this on my way home from parents' house. I should've paid more attention to everyday beauty, not just its ugliness. I was thinking to participate in 52 Week Challenge of writing Happy List each week starting from next year inspired by Audrey! So there will be weekly recap instead of monthly. I'm excited to start it :D

So there you have it. Some nice nice things in November I thought would be lovely to share to you. Also thank you so much for sharing lovely insights and stories on my previous post of Simple Things. I really appreciate them all. How's your November? What's your plan for December?

*In case anyone interested, I wrote the last string of the shitty month here "When was the last time you cried without anyone seeing you? and why?"

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