2016 Movies Reviewed, Second Half

Finally, time to write down movies I watched on second half of 2016! This semester seen me doing spontaneous watch. I don't have much long-awaited movies in this half apart from Doctor Strange so I think I was going purely for fun and curiosity. Not that I don't enjoy everything!


Star Trek Beyond

So a TV channel showed Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness on weekend and it's only natural for me to go watch the last of the trilogy by Monday! I always prefer Star Trek to Star Wars solely because I grew up watching Captain Picard, and I worked on Captain Kirk series just last year! I think this is one of the trilogy that actually lives up to the hype. I remember watching the trailer and I feel too much Fast and Furious-ish vibe (directed by its director, actually) but it's nothing like that. It was warm, powerful, nostalgic in every sense. The casts feel more 'personal' (some called it self contained). and The additional casts of Idris Elba and Sofia Boutella blended nicely. Though the Pet Shop Boys song is rather out of place. And of course I wept when tribute words to Leonard Nimoy and Anton Yelchin showed on the screen. Along with a handful of people in my row. 3.5/5

Suicide Squad

Rather mindless. The title of Movie We Loved to Hate is well-deserved haha. Everything looks like been dropped in some crack, slept overnight and gets high and high as the movie progressed. Mess isn't even the right word to describe it. There are so much things jammed in and the socket is actually gave sign of overload. Let's be real, the great things on this movie are Viola Davis and its amazing soundtrack. Don't get me started on how they reduced Harley Quinn into lovesick tool. I loathe it. 2/5

Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare

Yea, I fell asleep by the second half. Which made me realize why Detective Conan adaptation is best kept short under 30 minutes. The story isn't (or haven't yet) built intense enough to carry on for longer than that. Most Conan movies have interesting premises but fell short in execution. Often felt dull by the second act. The story revolves around a spy which lost her memory and Conan piqued interest on her because her eyes have different colors. It was rather dramatic at the end. But again, felt dull. 2/5

Doctor Strange

I didn't particularly too hyped over this movie. I do love Rachel McAdams (cries. I feel so old whenever I said I love her since Mean Girls lmao) and curious how Benedict Cumberbatch would carry Marvel after Robert Downey Jr. left (in which he wouldn't do in at least in three years!). I left the cinema being so mindblown. Mainly because I don't expect it would be that good. Partly because the CGI was absolute BONKERS. Gothic, trippy, Inception-like but sprinkled with magic. Visually arresting indeed. The thing that got me loving it was how 'recent' it feels. It's not just throwing all of the characters and set them in today's world. But the story actually revolves in this present time. Strange is a character of no prodigy, albeit genius. His (perhaps) only skill is taken and he tried to get it back by reading books and studying hard! Ain't that one hell of a powerful message? Not to mention Dr. Christine Palmer actually defied all of the classic woman character in superhero movies. She actually saved the day! Hooray! Can we talk about the jokes? THE JOKES! Try me, Beyonce. My initial review still stands. And yes, it delivers well. One of the best superhero movie this year. 4/5

Assassin's Creed

I vaguely remembered how my little brother used to rave about the game back when he was still little. Years later, it brought to life with one of my favorite leading man playing. Not to be missed for sure. What greeted me was visual delight. The meticulous details, the grandeur that loomed yet don't shout or slammed in your face, the amazing parkour skills, such flawless casts! The story is just another 'rebranding' of same old premise. Probably that's what makes people feel it's such an underwhelming movie. But personally I enjoyed it. A lot. Solely because it whispers, it's cold, it pushes and pushes, and unravel itself like a parade of fireflies in the midsummer. Ethereal. Quiet. Hauntingly beautiful. 4/5


To sum it up, my top three movies of 2016 would be:
  1. Captain America: Civil War
  2. Zootopia
  3. Doctor Strange

Don't forget. Starting from January 2017, I'll post the list of watched movies separately. The half year review will be focused on new releases on cinemas while movies I watched (and worked) in a month would be posted monthly. Follow my movie diary in Letterboxd if you like!

Though I'm pretty satisfied with list of movies I watched last year, I also bummed that I didn't get to watch some. Such as Fantastic Beasts and Ghostbusters. I promised I'll go to cinema more often this year! Superhero movies still on the roll this 2017 and I absolutely can't wait to witness how they would deliver.

What's your favorite movies on 2016?

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