December and Adios 2016!

Cat-baiting at its finest. How about that? 🐱 I found it in the alleyway near my house. Seems like it just born few days ago. Apparently it's the lovechild of my neighbor's cat and one of stray cat around the neighborhood. It looks just like its father haha

And yes, I still want to get it home. But yes, I stopped myself 😢 Why, self? Why?

On December, I wallowed too much in sadness and disappointment and I absolutely hated myself for that. I remember just sat in my dark bedroom and thinking of all the opportunities that weren't come knocking because I'm simply unqualified. People think I'm not even worthy enough to try to prove myself that I can. And a particular remark from a friend really threw myself off balance for quite a while (still is).

Upon knowing Assassin's Creed already showing in cinemas nearby, I went out and watch it It was a good consolation. I just don't want to host some pity party anymore. I just want to feel happy that day. And I did.

I still need to learn not to beat myself too much over things indeed.

I revoked my Letterboxd earlier that month and safe to say I've been listing movies I watched rather diligently this time around. It was fun!

Movies watched, December 2016:

  1. World War Z
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
  3. The Amazing Spider-Man
  4. Django Unchained
  5. Fast & Furious 6
  6. Carrie
  7. The Woman in Black
  8. Amistad
  9. Snow White and the Huntsman
  10. Johnny English Reborn
  11. Ender's Game
  12. Batman: Under the Red Hood
  13. The Devil's Double
  14. Assassin's Creed
  15. P2
  16. Dream House
  17. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
  18. Flight
  19. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  20. Now You See Me
  21. The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
  22. Captain America: The First Avenger
  23. Iron Man 3
  24. The Avengers
  25. Remember
  26. Thor: The Dark World
  27. Hot Fuzz
  28. The A-Team
  29. My Name Is Khan
  30. End of Watch
  31. Looper
  32. Olympus Has Fallen
  33. The 5th Wave
  34. The Intruders
  35. The Veil
Starting from January, I'll post the list of watched movies separately. The half year review will be focused on new releases on cinemas while this one would be more loose. Contains movies I watched on TV and I worked on. I'm also starting my happy list!! Instead of monthly recap it would be weekly recap. I'm so excited omg.

I have this urge to shout HAVE ANYONE SEEN GOBLIN? I'm particularly a bitch for Lee Dong-wook and Kim Go-eun so it's a no-brainer that I must watch it. It's going slow after 7th episode but the twist keeping me on the edge of my seat. I really recommend it.

Went out with a friend on Christmas. I tried a chicken joint by her recommendation and I liked it so much! The photos didn't do justice on their size. Even just thinking about it got me full already haha

I also went to a hospital to see dear friend who just gave birth on mother's day. It's a boy! 👶 But he has his mom's smile! I'm so happy and declared myself as auntie immediately 🙆

Adios 2016!

I'm a firm believer of a resolution but I also believe that posting it would hinder me from meeting my goals so I always try not to. But here's a little peek:
  • 100 movies (as per usual)
  • 5 TV shows
  • 5 books
  • 5 comics
  • 5 trips
  • 1 travel abroad
  • Less than 10 lipstick (lmaoo gotta keep this shit)
  • Less than 2 foundations (I managed to do so last year!)
  • New job before August (just in case)

Let's werk 2017, guys. We got this 💪💪💪

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