Started The Year Right - 01/52

First installment of happy list! Starting it from the second week of January because January 1st that fell on Sunday really confused me haha I'm still trying to find a format for this so bear with me! 52 Weeks of Happy Things will be updated every Sunday night/Monday morning.

  1. Spent NYE at home and finally able to watch World War Z from start to finish πŸ™Œ Somehow I always leave halfway or happened to tune in just before it ends so it was really nice. I didn't do much because places closed early so I just eat snacks and drink soda. It was nice!
  2. Oh the joy of having Monday off! It was obligatory day off from the office and I can't be more thankful for another morning to sleep in. Oh how I love slower mornings πŸ›πŸ˜΄
  3. I'm having another trouble sleeping (sleep disorder?) due to excessive binge-watching, I guess. So it was a pain in the ass of unable to sleep before 2am yet having to wake up before 6am. I had a major headache on Wednesday so I took a day off. I slept the whole day and I feel better now. Should stop taking nap at work, probably.
  4. Finally it rains on Wednesday ⛈⛈ The weather has been unbearably hot since late December and we finally getting wet. The temperature hasn't fully dropped but it feels so nice to walk to bus stop and not drenched in sweat afterwards. Flood stroke some regions in my country though. I hope it's nothing major😟
  5. Experienced major miscommunication close to disaster before random test at office on Thursday. So I hit McDonalds for Beef Prosperity! I choose McDonalds' Beef Prosperity rather than Starbucks' red cup anytime. SHOCKER. But lbr, live long and beef prosperity.
  6. I'm loving NCT 127's newest track "Limitless" which released on friday. It has EXO-ish vibe but I really dig a particular part in the middle. Haven't got time to listen the whole mini album yet!
  7. Reached 100 followers after years on bloglovin'! Gosh, it took a long while. I might sound like a follower-oriented blog but really, it's lovely 😭😭 thanks for following!
  8. Got followed by Maddie from Whiskey Tango Flatwhite on instagram! I thought I followed her but haven't??? (Why, self?) And people's lovely HNY messages are just πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œ
  9. Finally met an old friend after long long time. We spent a day with endless chat and then watched The Great Wall. We have so much stories to tell each other and we bonded over food and coffee just like the old days.
  10. GOBLIN EP 12 IS THE SADDEST THING I'VE SEEN FOR THE WHOLE WEEK. I watched it on Sunday night and I bawled so hard my eyes swollen this morning. Everything is so sad 😭😭😭 but also Lee Dong-wook with facial hair in royal attire made me feel inappropriate t h i n g s . (Spoiler here in case you need to feel like I feel lmao)
Hoping you have a better week ahead! Half year review part II is coming up next!

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