Such Little Pleasures - 03/52

photo by Alberto Montalesi. taken from

Last week went too slow for my liking. Like real slow. I wonder why? Thus the choice of image. And I love jellyfish. Aren't they just graceful creature? A sea butterfly dressed in robe of pearls and lace?

OOT, but I really miss going to aquarium. Going to fix it for my birthday, maybe.

  1. Saw a lady brought a cat in a cardboard box through the bus window 🐱👩 It was so random but so cute! The cat's head kept poking out to see it surrounding (the was pretty jammed so I can see them for quite a while). It really put a smile on my face!
  2. BLONDE LEE DONG WOOK. That's all 😍 (I haven't got time to watch few last episodes of Goblin! Don't spoil me!)
  3. Took a day off last Friday due to horrible diarrhea in the morning which equals more sleep yay. And long weekend for me!
  4. Got strawberry Pocky from an officemate!
  5. Indomie Mi Goreng for supper! 🍜
  6. White House Down shown on a TV channel in which two other channels were broadcasting that pumpkin's inauguration. Incredibly inspiring 😂😂😂
  7. All the news about Women's March 💜 (my protest poster would definitely "Not This Pussy" 💪)
  8. This guilty pleasure who got me laughing so hard I feel like I have six-pack abs 😂😂😂
  9. So I read in my Clue app that sleep disorder might linked to PMS and PMDD so I think it's nothing serious and it's just my body telling me that my period is coming. Definitely happy to hear that.
  10. Random news such as Chris and Dodger's photos on the park, Rain and Kim Tae Hee's wedding, Obama's post-presidency tweets, ED SHEERAN'S NEW ALBUM, etc 🎉
It's been a slow week but excited to pick it up soon! I'm also going to cut my hair by the end of this month. These split ends are slowly made me go mental ugh💢 How's your third week going?

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