The Silver Lining - 02/52

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A wee bit down last week due to the sleeping disorder but I surely have some lovely things to share!

  1. Finally watched Catch Me If You Can!!! It's been in my watchlist for the longest time but I always somehow abruptly stopped halfway. IT WAS SO GOOD. Twists after twists happened and I love everything. Also I watched Buried and I think I stopped breathing towards the end.
  2. Convinced my previous team leader to watch The Great Wall and he said he enjoyed it 🎉 We had a long funny discussion about the movie. So fun!
  3. Still about movie, you need to watch McFarland, USA! I have never been touched by a sport movie so bad 😭😭
  4. Replied by a friend after a long long time no talking.
  5. Found a comment from my favorite writer in Quora which made my days feel sooo much lighter: People don't comment on random strangers because of disapproval towards the stranger. They do it because they are unhappy with themselves. // This doesn't justify cruelty but things are less painful to me when I understand them.
  6. GOBLIN EP 13 IS THE DEATH OF ME. I CANNOT WITH EVERYTHING 😭😭 but special episode omg who knew Secretary Kim is so cheeky? (PLS MAKE HIM DANCE TT)
  7. Found amazing soundcloud user with equally amazing cover! Listen to RamaDavis!
  8. Got a tip to listen to 130 Mood: TRBL backwards and HOLY SHIZZ it sounds even better.
  9. A longtime friend resigned from the office. She was a deskmate that became my neighbor and a shoulder to cry on. It was a wee sad but I wish her the best. Gonna miss her a lot.
  10. Began curating a list of skincare products to buy in the near future. I'm trying to start a skincare regime and I've been reading a lot of skincare blogs lately. Currently I'm interested in CosRX. I hope it's available when I finally set out to buy! Psstt, any skincare product you swear by?
  11. Finally reviewed second half of 2016 movies!
How's your week two went?

52 Weeks of Nothing But Happiness: 01

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