This might sound weird but it's safe to say that I'm in an okay phase of life.

Originally, I was going to post a long ass pitiful story but then I realized, I'm not in that phase anymore. As in, I'm pretty okay with whatever life is going to throw me at this period of my life. Like a badminton match, I kinda figured how to deliver a return shot at life, be it a smash or a soft serve. I'm not exactly live a happy, settled, secured life that I wanted it to be, but hey, at least I'm on my way. I am privileged enough to live this far. To experience both sides of the coin in my timespan and learn a lot to apply them in the future. And I'm grateful to be surrounded by amazing people who loved me back.

There are so many great things waiting ahead of me and I can't wait to experience them all.

Thank you for everything 🎂🍻🎉

P. S. Re-reading the comments got me all teared up. I have amazing friends with equally amazing way of words and flawless soul with lotsa love to share 😭💟

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