Highs and Lows - 08/52

Last week was tumultuous. Flood on Tuesday, John Wick 2 on Saturday, then met friends on Sunday. Everything with rain in the background. Too much. Actually, I only want to crash until Monday comes on the weekend but my love for Keanu triumphed everything haha.

TW: Food photos. Lots of them.


  1. Nice nice Go-Jek drivers, particularly the one who braved through the flood to ensure me arrived safely at work. Bless 🏍🏍
  2. Lara Croft movies. Nostalgia. Angelina tho 😍
  3. Finally watched Warcraft and it was far better than my expectation.
  4. John Wick 2 on Saturday for a belated birthday gift. Though I couldn't say I like it. I still prefer the first movie.
  5. Also belated birthday greetings from those who forgot.
  6. Breakfast with coffee every day on the weekdays.
  7. Koi Cafe's milk tea.
  8. Salmon Aburi Don with spicy mayo on Donburi Ichiya because long time no eat.
  9. Met old friends on Sunday along with eating spree and window-shopping.
  10. Rewatching Season 2 of The Flash.

Aburi Salmon Don with spicy mayo at Donburi Ichiya. My kind of comfort food. They added some new menu. Can't wait to come back, probably on weekdays.

Koi Cafe's milk tea with honey bubble. So good. Some said I should've tried their Macchiato. Next time then!

Then had Shihlin Chicken for dinner because Hot Star was too packed (and the price hiked! Why???)


  1. Flood on Tuesday at work, as seen in the first photo. I couldn't capture it well, sorry! Basically, the streets near my office are prone to flooding because they are lower than the sewers at some parts. The rain that happened all night long the day before managed to fill the sewers above their maximum capacity, which caused the water gone overflow. You could see the video here. On Tuesday morning the water reached up to my ankles, and by noon it reached my waist. Yet we still expected to work. As per usual.
  2. Sat next to a mom with her daughter during John Wick 2 aND SHE KEPT SCREAMING THROUGHOUT THE MOVIE! Wtf? Does she even conscious what John Wick is about? Also, who in their sane mind brought an underage kid to rated R movie? Stupid on many levels.
  3. ARRIVAL WAS ROBBED OFF EVERYTHING ON OSCARS. But I'm glad it won Best Sound Editing because, damn, wasn't it a haunting experience?
  4. New co-worker being rude. But it's actually more to weird because I never did anything to her except correcting my name. It's weird. Really.
  5. Being fickle over shoes. Because it's been raining a lot lately and I don't know which shoes to buy for that. I have feet of a rhino and most shoes only stood a year or less before they completely unused due to circumstances (I walk a lot and take public transports every day). This posed dilemma whether I should buy cheap shoes or just go for the expensive one.
  6. Ugly replies on YouTube.
  7. A sore throat throughout weekend 😢
  8. Don't you just feel sad when you come to a place which held so many memories in your younger years and found out the place transformed a lot, including the people? I went to old bus station not too far from my high school and everything changed, including one kiosk in which I always buy my shoes from. It does get better and prettier. But it's just not the same. It's sad 😢😢

Eating at Itacho. I forgot their names but on the left was salmon and on the right was tofu with fish filling. Both are delicious. I should've gone for their lunch set but oh well.

Ending the night with a tall Sanum from Llao Llao. Basically, they are yogurt with whopping toppings. The kiwis and mangos were too sour for my liking. And they ran out of strawberries :(

Some links for thought:

// Oscars. So happy most of my faves won (Mahershala Ali! Emma Stone!). But really, Amy Adams could've won if she's the nominee. Also, Suicide Squad for best makeup and hairstyling over Star Trek Beyond? Blasphemy.
// This dreamy loft with an abundance of light.
// Eyeing this palette so bad.

Have an even better week, guys! I caught cold just by Monday 😢😢😵

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"Filmmakers can turn their cameras to capture shared human qualities and break stereotypes of various nationalities and religions. They create empathy between us and others — an empathy we need today more than ever."
Asghar Farhadi. Iranian director of "The Salesman", Best Foreign Language Film at Oscars 2017.

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