Highs and Lows - 09/52

Last week was eventful. In a good way, in a bad way. I'm glad but also unhappy. I don't really know what to say. PMS happened throughout the week plus the workload was pretty insane. I'm happy it passed already.


  1. Split! Shyamalan did pretty well though I think he still needs a long way to go if he wants to go back to his peak during The Sixth Sense. McAvoy was such a delight to watch and Anya Taylor-Joy was good. Kinda fell a bit flat but okay. The movie feels so indie at times, I don't know why.
  2. And I just knew there's a cinema with a cheaper ticket not too far from the office. Yay!
  3. Noodle from Bakmi GM because of nostalgia. I remember I used to eat it with Mom. Tasted just the same 🍜
  4. KOI Cafe's green tea macchiato was holy shit. It's the best. Hereby I declare it as my comfort drink. Sorry, Chatime.
  5. ER (young George Clooney, hello?) and Mako Mermaids. Does anyone watch that? I used to watch H2O (guilty pleasure haha) and Mako Mermaids is pretty fun.
  6. Two co-workers I'm pretty close with went resign. It's great. They still have a long long way to go and I love them much to leave rather than spending their days here. I'm happy for them.
  7. Weekend at home!
  8. Managed to do laundry that's been put off for two weeks. Finally!
  9. #womensmarchJKT, which was amazing. I couldn't attend but damn I'll sure will next time!
  10. Lee Pace is in Bali! Omg, I hope he had so much fun there!
  12. Also finally reunited with my holy grail which is The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow. Settled for gray brown and black brown this time. I never use black pencil before but they are not harsh-looking on my face. I pretty like it but I hope I could stock up on dark brown one soon.

I can't express my love enough of KOI Cafe's macchiato. Brb dying 😣


  1. Caught a mild cold throughout the week. Facing the week with a runny nose and heavy head. I was thinking to take a day off. But as always, I thought I could handle it. And I couldn't. I fell asleep so many times on my desk😷
  2. Morning traffic jam. Why aren't you making sense last week?
  3. Lamenting "When will I ever get resign from this office?"
  4. So my phone acted up and accidentally 'broke' a whole folder of camera photos. Photos taken since august last year was broken and couldn't be accessed. tried this app on Play Store and it screwed up even more by deleting the whole folder which actually can be salvaged. So I tried another app and it could only recover less than 30 photos. needless to say, I'm pretty much devastated right now because I haven't back up everything since Google Photos was acting up since last week. Moral of the story: BACK YOUR SHIT UP.
  5. This was supposed to be posted last week but I forgot. HECK, there's a sparse spot on my right brows! Mine are thinner at the end so they're not much of a hassle to fill. I don't know why it happened ugh. It looks like eyebrow slits ugh.
  6. Dried up brow pomade. Anyone got tricks for that?
  7. It's getting harder to win in LINE Get Rich. w h y πŸ˜•
  8. Irish accent, because I'm halfway crying trying to decipher their words. This trailer, in particular.
  9. That feeling of being underestimated and perceived as not knowing anything.
  10. Also that feeling of being restricted to have the same opinion and preference as others. I mean, like, why should I have the same stuff just because bloggers think it's cool? It's it?

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Anyone watched Logan? I'm going to, this week. Maybe with a side of another cup of KOI's macchiato. I hate this PMS. How's your last week went?

“For mad I may be, but I will never be convenient.”
Jennifer Donnelly, Revolution

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