Highs and Lows - 10/52

So I had a colorful week. Soaked wet from the afternoon rain, became a Maneki Neko, adventure by train, and a quiet weekend. It was a pretty nice week aside of snide remarks by a Go-Jek driver, in which makes for a good blog post later on. Photos above were taken on a different day! What a difference a day makes.


  1. A coworker who's the closest to me who took a maternity leave finally came back. Now I have a friend to banter again haha
  2. Watched Logan on Wednesday! It was amazing. Easily the best X-Men movie of the era. I was pretty tough but then by the end, my tears fell uncontrollably. So good. Highly recommended for people who watched the first trilogy of X-Men and want to perfectly end an era. So long, Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart!
  3. Afterwards, I went to eat at a fast food chain. I was the only customer to eat there (it was near the closing hour). But as I eat, more customers came and eat there. I have become a Maneki Neko 🐈🐈 haha
  4. "Don't hurry the wedding. Enjoy your life," said by Awesome Lady at the bus.
  5. A friend sent me the loveliest birthday gift 😭😭😭 All About TVXQ 3 photobook! Just a secondhand one but it made me so happy. I will always be a trash for them all.
  6. Had an epic adventure on train 🚆 Full post coming up soon!
  7. Midnight fried rice!
  8. Snacks. More snacks. Lazying on the bed with snacks.

😭😭 So so beautiful 😭😭


  1. This roasted weather.
  2. Trying to get used to new eyebrow pencil.
  3. Stop asking me why I haven't married yet, Strangers. Even my family don't do that.
  4. Soaked wet one afternoon when it started to rain all of a sudden.
  5. Feeling stupid because I kept missing the train. Twice!
  6. And the new office is situated in a high-end neighborhood. Fuck.
  7. Much longer PMS.
  8. Because my cycle got screwed, this month. Apparently, I'm too stressed out.
  9. Fandom related: the lawsuit document that revealed that slave contract never existed in first place. The aftermath was an ugly reveal of people who can easily shit on others left and right while claiming "We don't care about the past!!1!" smh
  10. Just hating human in general. And trying not to shit on anyone despite people's effort to shit on me. You know who you are. Which is hard. Sometimes the universe is just trying to get you, you know? I believe it's just an external locus of control. But eh, IDK.
  11. Trying the new style of editing and failed miserably. I originally want to do a Japanese style with grains and green-blue tones. But now that I think of it, it looks much more like noise. As if I'm using 2MP camera. Ah crap. Below is the example. I think I should stick to my comfort zone then.

 Teaser for the upcoming post!

Some links for thoughts:

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How's your week been? I hope it's more colorful than mine!

"This is what life looks like: people love each other. You should take a moment..."
― Charles Xavier

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