Highs and Lows - 11/52

Quick post because this is late. Like, real late. I couldn't get a hold of any PC until Wednesday because Mother have been ill. Thus why. I apologize for text heavy post but I really need to get this posted because I'm looking forward to post my thoughts about marriage sometime around Thursday or Friday. And I'm looking forward to your feedback!

In all, what a long dreaded week. It was pretty much full of lows but then again the highs weren't that bad. I spent most of my time at home, nursing menstrual cramp and tried to stay away from coffee. I found that it's the source for major headache during period. It was agony. The weather's been pretty lovely throughout the weekend, and as I type this, it's been breezy. It rained quite heavily on Sunday though. But overall it's been very nice. I hope it could stay for quite a while, I haven't quite prepared for the sunny days!


  1. That lovely sky on Tuesday noon. I failed to take a photo of the rainbow!
  2. My period finally came!
  3. And I took Wednesday off because of that!
  4. Finally posted my tour de train
  5. Lovely weather on Friday! It rained a bit and the temperature was cooler by the noon. So so lovely.
  6. And it continues throughout the weekend. Perfect.
  7. I watched The Program! I've been so curious about the movie since there's close to no publicity about it. I'm quite self-obsessed about Lee Pace so I have to watch! It was a nice semi-documentary about Lance Armstrong albeit its shy portrayal of the athlete. The story itself revolved around his doping scandal.
  8. And this movie confirmed that Lee Pace towering above everybody is my kink.
  9. (I can gush forever about Lee but I'll spare this post from turning into a huge mess of Male Candy Monday).  
  10. Movies from Studio Ghibli are going to be played in selected cinemas nationwide! It's been a childhood dream of mine to see Tonari no Totoro on big screen and it's going to come true!
  11. Those new themes on Blogger! They are so lovely and responsive. I might gonna tweak some in the future. Finally, Blogger!


  1. Messy crappy work from IT department which rendered my work on Monday-Tuesday
  2. Tummy cramps. Ugh
  3. Woke up in pool of blood (excuse the gore-y detail)
  4. Roasted weather still on the run (at least on weekdays). Apparently it's because of the equinox in Malaysia hmm
  5. That disgusting pedophilia Facebook group
  6. Bro almost got his phone stolen while driving his motorcycle on the road. He received a call earlier and was about to put it in his postman bag when two guys on a motor tried to grab his phone. He struggled then snapped his arms so the phone dropped. They both run away. The phone sustained minor damage but he's fine. He was pretty bummed because it's a new phone. But I keep telling him it's okay. Things could've gone worse, right? He could've been injured, the phone screen could've cracked, etc. But none of them happened. It's harder to be grateful when you only focus on the unfortunate events but I don't want him to forget that it's there.
  7. Dad's wife admitted to hospital due to dengue fever on Sunday noon. Thus pretty much the reason why I'm late to post this. I also took Monday off to take care of her. (I called her with Mother, while I call my late mother as Ma/Mom)
  8. Being behind in blogwalking. I haven't really visit anything except blogs of people who commented. I feel rather down because I loooovvveee commenting on people's blogs huhu. Apologies if you think I'm such a snob for not visiting yours!
  9. The thing on Quora has gotten out of hand. Wtf. I might gonna make a separate post about it in the future once it's cleared enough. 

I have close to no links for thought to day but please check (mon) Cherie's post about Originality and the Cookie Cutter Culture in the Blogging World and Jane's second post about Antigua! Now, tell me how's your week been!

“It’s funny how you wake up each day and never really know if it’ll be one that will change your life forever.”
The Secret World of Arrietty

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